Women’s Wellbeing Group

This group will run several times through 2016. Next groups begin 20th January 2017

If this is calling to you but you are a bit nervous too, don’t worry that’s normal in trying something new! It takes courage to step up and take a chance on connection, on healing and on investing in yourself. Past students are very much welcome to attend again – we have all new juicy processes waiting for you. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get going on these Spring groups. I’d love to see you there.

Do you ever wish for:

  • Some time away from the pressures of the daily ‘to-do’ list, time just for you?
  • Space and time to reflect and gain insights into what is important to you?
  • That sense of ‘flow’ that comes when you are totally focused?
  • More confidence about your own creativity?
  • A chance to try art making without pressure and judgement?
  • More peace and calm in your life?
  • Meaningful connection with other women?

If so, this workshop could be just what you’ve been looking for. See this short video to get a feel for what the groups involve.

Women's wellbeing participant with collage on identity

Women’s Wellbeing group participant Jenni with her collage on identity


How long – 6 weeks

When – Friday mornings or Wednesday evenings

Time – 10.00 – 12.30 Fridays. (Please arrive at 9.45 to get name tags, make a cup of tea and get settled for 10.00 start.) OR 6.00 – 8.30pm Wednesdays

Price – $295 + booking fee. Includes plentiful art materials to use, handouts/ readings, tea and coffee, snacks
Early Bird Special $250 + booking fee
Low income / student subsidised place (2 available per group) – $220

JadephotoHi! I’m Jade, a transpersonal art therapist, artist and coach based in the Inner West of Sydney. I love using art therapy and coaching to help people see themselves and their situations in new ways, and helping others create, connect and work towards their dreams.

One of the things I love most about using creative methods is that when we are truly engaged in creative process, our inner child comes out to play. We can be experimental, playful, silly and be more comfortable with ‘making mistakes’ when we are in creative mode, especially in a supportive group. Even when dealing with serious and meaningful issues, using creative methods brings a lightness to our thinking: a sense of creative possibility in our lives as well as in the creative task we are undertaking. This is essentially hopeful, but it is a sense of hope that arises naturally from being in a creative state, rather than a false narrative of hope that we apply lip service to dutifully through ‘wanting to be optimistic’.


Jade provided a really beautiful, calm space – almost like a mini retreat each week just to play with creativity.

You don’t have to be ‘creative’ to benefit from this group

If ‘creative’ is a word you have mixed feelings about – don’t worry, you are still welcome here.

  • all processes are simple and suitable for beginners
  • all art materials are provided
  • I will explain and demonstrate how to use any new materials that you might not be familiar with
  • unlike an art class the focus is not on ‘pretty’ outcomes, but on raw, authentic expression – whatever you do will be the right thing for the moment and there is no competition or need for comparisons
  • it won’t all be serious! Participants tell me that they make new friends, enjoy having a laugh and find themselves creatively inspired
  • you can’t get it wrong! This is a deeply supportive environment where you will not be critiqued or criticised
  • just like a child can pick up a pencil and begin drawing without self consciousness, when we feel free of pressure, criticism, shame or risk we can also engage with art materials freely and naturally to express ourselves. Art therapy often helps people become friends again with creative expression, as a wonderful and long lasting benefit of the process.

Art therapy is for everyone – no special skills, interest in art making or experience required. If you’re interested to know more, you can read more about art therapy approaches for wellbeing here

You are welcome in this group exactly as you are.

Book your place

Tickets are limited to ensure a small group which feels safe and caring.

The next Face to face group begins on Friday January 20th 2017 (runs for 6 weeks beginning on the 20th). Registration now open. Register HERE for the January Friday morning group. Friday mornings 10.00am-12.30.

Comments from past women’s wellbeing groups

At the end of sessions, participants reflected that the session made them feel:
‘I’m very grateful for having the chance to do this art course and explore all the techniques. There is no judgement, people in the class are open to accept. It’s a great space to let go and release stress from the day / life. Every week has been great and I would love to continue my art journey after the course finishes.’ – Miki

‘I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to try new / creative ways of expressing and exploring aspects of their life. Really lovely series, so well and warmly facilitated by Jade with a great range of creative processes covering a diversity of thought-provoking themes.’ – Jenni

‘Finally found a space that made me feel like I was truly doing something for myself. The art therapy group with Jade was inspiring, creative, liberating and nourishing. It was wonderful to share feelings and experiences with other women through art, and I enjoyed experimenting with every technique we used week after week.’ – Valentina

Read more testimonials about the workshop experience.

If this is calling to you but you are a bit nervous too, don’t worry that’s normal in trying something new! It takes courage to step up and take a chance on connection, on healing and on investing in yourself. Past students are very much welcome to attend again – we have all new juicy processes waiting for you. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get going on these Spring groups. I’d love to see you there.


Cancelation policy

We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens. For that reason we will allow participants to send another person on their ticket, should they not be able to attend themselves. No refunds will be made from 1 week before the course begins. The only exception would be medical emergency with documentation.

Join us to relax, restore and reflect – take some time for your wellbeing. 

Jade Herriman (Dip TAT, BSc and MSocSci) is a transpersonal art therapist and coach. She draws on over 15 years experience working in government and higher education as a sustainability professional, researcher and facilitator. Jade integrates the principles of client centered counseling and group facilitation with art therapy processes and her own experience of creative practice. Jade holds a variety of events within organisations or for the general public and offers one on one art therapy or coaching, either face to face or remotely.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Wellbeing Group

  1. It sounds wonderful!! I would love to join, if I would live more nearby. But wish you all the best for this great weeks and I’m so sure, it will be such a gift to be a part of this empowering group. Every woman who is around, should definitively join it. All the best for you and the whole group.

  2. Ahh…if only I were in Sydney! (or even on your continent:) This course sounds absolutely fabulous! I love the idea of relaxing within a community of like-minded women, while exploring creative expression. Best of luck with the next round!

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