Women’s Creative Wellbeing Group (online)

I’m looking for a small group of lovely women to join my online Women’s Creative Wellbeing Group.

  • Imagine finding a tribe for sharing and connecting on an emotional level, in real time, in a ‘we can see you’ way
  • Imagine being given enough structure to experiment with creative processes with ease and confidence
  • Imagine having access to an art therapist from the comfort of your own home
  • Imagine having a powerful connection with a group of like minded women so that you no longer feel alone in your struggles, but rather feel heard, respected and held

Dates and times

Starts Thursday 6th July 2017 and goes until Thursday the 10th August 2017.

The group will run for 6 consecutive weeks for 120 minutes a week of live workshop.

Thursdays at 1.00pm-3.00pm AEST (UTC+10).

Try this Time and Date website to figure out local time for you at that period.

Earlybird special!

The earlybird special is $225* and you get 6 (120 minute) live sessions with me in a small group setting, along with online group support between sessions.

The regular price is $295, which includes your online workshops, group support between sessions, materials list and a special ‘bonus’ pack of materials mailed to you for one of our week’s sessions. Remember this is in Australian dollars. Depending on exchange rates this might cost more or less on your local currency.

I also have two spaces that are a ‘pay what you can’ – intended for people who are on a limited budget and willing to pay forward the generosity in their lives to others somehow.

Register HERE.

More information you will receive 

You will be sent a materials list for some basic art supplies to use in our sessions (to be purchased or sourced by you at your own cost). The most basic kit should cost no more than $30 and will contain items you should easily be able to find.

You will receive an FAQ sheet that you need to read and an agreement form to sign before we begin.

You will also receive information about how to log into our ‘real time’ group workshops and how to stay in touch between sessions.


What technology will you need? You will need a desktop computer and access to email, Facebook and internet. Access to a camera and an ability to upload and share photos online is a bonus but not essential. Unfortunately a phone or iPad won’t work as well for some of what we are doing and that’s why you will need a laptop/desktop computer. I will share details of the technology we will be using once you register, and information on how to access our classroom each week.

What will we do together? Each week will typically involve some discussion of the week’s theme, followed by a short meditation, an art process which I explain to you and will help you get started on, and then more talking as we ‘amplify’ your impressions of the artwork and apply it to your life, situation or issue. We will meet together as a group in real time, at the same time each week.

I will step you through a series of simple activities using materials like paper, crayon, pencil, clay, found objects and paint. We will also do some brief meditations, and writing exercises.

What can you expect to get out of this? You might see this is a useful tool for your overall wellbeing, just like a yoga class or group therapy session. You might find it part of your social fabric – like attending a get together with a group of friends who can speak deeply on multiple issues. Or you might find it like an inspiring art class that allows you to play and explore exactly at the stage you are at, without pressure or too many ‘rules’.

How is this to do with healing? I am a Member of the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors – we employ therapeutic methods that address our human potential for healing and integration on multiple levels. These include the mental, emotional, embodied, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of our lived experience. In applying transpersonal art therapy methods, I will establish a therapeutic relationship in which you, as a client, are empowered to utilise your own intuitive knowledge to regulate both the pace and direction of healing.

“But I don’t draw/ do art – is this still for me?” Yes, absolutely! This is for you!! No specific art skills or experience needed. This isn’t an art class and it isn’t competitive. The emphasis is on the process and experience of creating – how it makes us feel, what new insights it can bring, and how we can make meaning from the experience and the work, rather than mastering a specific art making skill.

“How will I feel after sessions or during the session?” You may experience: – Feeling relaxed, unwound, refreshed – Feeling curious, experimental, and more creative – Emotions like sadness, fear/self criticism, anger or others emerging – Insights into life issues or situations, ideas for new approaches – Greater understanding of who you are and what makes you tick – Interest in how to use creative methods for self care and expression

Is this art therapy? I work as an art therapist in Australia, however I am not qualified or registered as an art therapist in any other jurisdiction. For that reason please know that I can not call myself a registered art therapist in the UK, Europe or the US. These sessions are about using art for self care and personal reflection. If you are outside Australia and would like to see an art therapist please contact your relevant local association for a list of accredited therapists in your jurisdiction.

Is this group for mental health problems? This group will be respectful and welcoming of the diverse emotional, physical, economic, social, mental, artistic and religious beliefs/ experiences that people have. It is not crisis care. If you are in the midst of a mental health crisis I do not recommend this course for you but suggest you see your doctor to explore options and also work with a trusted psychotherapist/ psychologist or counsellor. That said if mental health challenges are part of your life story and this group is just one part of your self care toolkit you are very welcome.

What skills do you need to join this group? To participate in this group you don’t need any fancy art skills but you do need to have reasonably well developed interpersonal skills including ‘turn taking’ skills. You need to be able to speak to a handful of other people, and you need to have some ability to tolerate other people expressing feelings and speaking about their lives.

If you find that you want to do all the talking, maybe a one on one format would suit you better. If people talking about ‘feeling stuff’ is not something you enjoy, perhaps you’d rather try an art class. In this group we practice accepting people as they are, without giving advice or solving their problems. We don’t judge their artworks, we don’t judge their world views and together we practice listening with an open heart and mind.

It is my goal to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone is heard, and you as a participant can relax and go with the flow of the processes and sessions, accessing your creativity and inner wisdom.

Register your place HERE!

To read about what past clients have said please do check out my testimonials page.

Please email me via my Contacts form for more information.

*(plus booking fee)