These recommendations are from people and organisations that Jade has worked with in creative community workshops, art therapy, art teaching, and coaching.

Art therapy workshops for organisations and groups

Best fun I’ve had in as long as I can remember – & feeling loved, inspired & energised. Would & will recommend to all & any. Thank you! x

The group workshop with friends was a fabulous morning of laughs, creativity and relaxing together whilst creating a masterpiece (in our eyes!). Thank you Jade.
– Mandy

Peaceful, creative and collaborative. A wonderful process of using creativity to share and spend time with close friends.

A lovely, inspiring way to connect with friends and create something special. Jade is warm, insightful and made the process a total joy.
– Lisa A.

‘Wonderful chance to let go and feel the art!’

The most fun I’ve had (as a busy mum) in a long time! I felt really present and the worries of day to day parenting vanished temporarily.
H. Windsor

A wonderful relaxing fun creative experience. Something completely different from our usual get together. Thank you!!

Jade custom-designed a workshop for our group, and it was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. We all came away feeling inspired, energised and calm, and the activities helped us renew important bonds of friendship. Thank you!

Jade is an amazing art therapist, who radiates and shines the wellbeing of practicing art! She is a great listener and helps you create what I would call your inner art. It is a very interesting process that I had the chance to experiment and I would love to do it again! Thank you so much Jade Herriman for being who you are! – Yza, Beijing

Visioning workshops

Jade has a lovely calm voice and was able to lead me to reconnect with my core values – Sarina

Jade is an excellent facilitator, guides you well through the visualisation process and is a kind and helpful support in negotiating tricky emotions – Sara

I loved the process and discovering the vision board that meant something to me – MW

Jade’s happy calmness and doing the process (such as just sitting and cutting). I’ve done this before where you rush through your selection. I prefer to cruise as the rest of my life is always rushed. So thanks for giving us time! – Nic

I now feel relaxed and reflective – peaceful. – JW

I enjoyed the process – focusing on my self and sharing with others and the group. I feel happy and at peace: relaxed. – BD

‘A beautiful way to reconnect, nourish and ponder my innermost me!’

Jade has a lovely, calm manner and creates a safe space to create, reflect and share. And lots of laughs and fun along the way – Michael

Thank you for a very enjoyable Vision Board workshop and for the beautiful, safe, and caring space you created. It was great to reconnect to some old dreams and create/ imagine new futures. – M.S.

Jade, thank you for a fabulously indulgent afternoon where I got to think about me, my dreams and seeing them in a visual format. It was absolutely delightful. – G.R.

I enjoyed just letting go and letting the subconscious some through. I feel like I’ve had some good “time out” to take stock of where I want to go with the non-work aspects of my life – MR

Women’s Wellbeing groups

‘It really lifted my energy. Your instructions are so clear and well thought out. I always know exactly what to do.’

“I 100% recommend this group to people who know in their bones that they need to be getting their hands dirty and playing with pens, pencils, pastels, paint and more – but have a mean girl in their head blocking them from taking steps. Or if you are “busy” and don’t find time to nourish yourself. The art therapy online group with Jade was so supportive and gorgeous – in terms of serving myself to feel tapped in to my own creativity, make time to go deep with my own personal growth process and learn to care for myself and be juiced up through creativity – but also in terms of connecting with other people and having a really beautiful shared journey. Also, Jade is so attentive and reassuring which made me feel really supported and “held” through the process – even when it was challenging. Really deep and juicy work – a beautiful way to give to yourself” – Natasha

Jade thank you for your course and patience. Even though I’m not artistic but through art have found joy and expression that I never knew could be possible. Each week I feel more comfortable with art, it feels less foreign to me and I really like that feeling. At the beginning before class this week I was very stressed from work but through the art process I feel a lot more calm and in control. I’m very grateful for having the chance to do this art course and explore all the techniques. There is no judgement, people in the class are open to accept. It’s a great space to let go and release stress from the day / life. Every week has been great and I would love to continue my art journey after the course finishes. – Miki

I joined this group because I was interested in different ways of approaching wellbeing and as part of wanting to be open to new experiences. The best thing about the group was a chance to try new things, in a lovely time-out-of-time space, with interesting women from diverse backgrounds. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to try new / creative ways of expressing and exploring aspects of their life. Really lovely series, so well and warmly facilitated by Jade with a great range of creative processes covering a diversity of thought-provoking themes. – Jenni

I chose to join the group to reconnect with art making and wellbeing. The best thing about being in this women’s wellbeing group was the support of the women, exploring themes together, the quietness of the activities, setting aside time for myself. I would recommend this group to women who want to find time for themselves, who want to relax and at the same time ‘make something’ that expresses their creativity.- Lana, Sydney

‘I enjoyed the gentle, creative space.’

Finally found a space that made me feel like I was truly doing something for myself. The art therapy group with Jade was inspiring, creative, liberating and nourishing. It was wonderful to share feelings and experiences with other women through art, and I enjoyed experimenting with every technique we used week after week. – Valentina

I came along primarily for an opportunity to play with arts and crafts in a structured way with some instruction. As a result of the group I think I have more confidence to just play with different materials and mediums without being so worried about what it looks like – or the outcome, just for the enjoyment. Jade provided a really beautiful, calm space – almost like a mini retreat each week just to play with creativity. By the end of the course I was really looking forward to each week to see what we were going to explore next. The women who came were lovely. I’d recommend this to workmates, family and friends. – Mel


Jade enabled me to focus on a project I wanted to complete but had been procrastinating about for a long time. With her calm and reassuring manner, I completed my project and felt a burden lift from my shoulders! Thank you Jade. – Maggie, Tasmania, Australia

At first, I could not imagine what coaching via Skype, between Sydney and Berlin, would feel like. Then Jade came with her quite and reensuring voice and the situation was real, as woud we be sitting at the same table, face to face. Thanks a lot Dear Jade, for having helped me organise the steps towards my Selling-Exhibition so clearly and for having made me realize that involving my family was a big asset. I was so afraid of disturbing my grown-up chlidren thinking that they had stress enough in their own professions and my retired and longing for calm husband. I DID ask and it works wonder to share a project!!! Thanks, Dear Jade. – Christine from Berlin

Highly recommend working with Jade. Her balance of compassionate listening with strength and clear seeing, helped me wade through a swamp of unseen obstacles to feel dry land under my feet. She patiently accompanied me tending to the issues, expected and unexpected, that needed attention for progress to be possible. – Pauline, Hertfordshire, England

One of your special talents, Jade is bringing people together and helping them get new trust in themselves, being part of a group and making things possible they could not imagine before. – Hilke, Germany

‘I am still strongly feeling your presence and the impact of the sessions we had.’ 

Jade has supported me re-thinking my challenging new life situation. She was helping me to look at things from different perspectives. The time we have spent makes a real difference. – Thorsten, Berlin, Germany

When I began coaching session with Jade I wasn’t sure what to expect – working together by skype on two different continents. It turned out skype and distance were no barriers to opening change due to Jade’s warmth and clear listening. In my coaching sessions with Jade I was able to explore why and if I wanted to move to home ownership, and what that meant for me beyond a financial choice. We used art to explore this – and here the depth of working with Jade became magic. It wasn’t just about house purchase. I have moved back into things that are important to me that I have slowly given up to ‘being busy’. I have discovered that being creative doesn’t have to look a certain way – just playing with art has been delicious and and new discovery about myself. And something I can continue to explore and see what new things I discover about myself. Jade was able to ask questions and coach me in such a way that I ended our calls motivated to take the next step, ask the next question, open the next door. The perfect mix of practical next steps, and things to do for the ‘heart and soul’ of me created the shift of mind that has made this part of my journey not only happen, but just the right thing. – Louise, Portland, USA

‘…working with you on the other side of the world has truly made a world of difference to me.’

Coaching groups

I joined Jade’s virtual group coaching program with mixed feelings. I was desperate for having accountability with a group of like-minded individuals. But my daily life was such a mess at the time. I was barely surviving with too many must-do’s and absolutely no time for my wishes. I was struggling with poor health and the unpredictability of daily obligations.

When I listed down what I wanted to achieve in our planned 10 weeks together, I found myself impossibly ambitious. There was no way things could be changed, not all of them and not to the degree I needed them to change.

But Jade believed in me.

The change wasn’t easy. Facing inner fears and limitations is never easy. But Jade helped me focus sharply on my wishes and encouraged me in the gentlest, kindest ways imaginable.

Every single week I would look back and would see incredible progress. Jade was genuinely happy about it, too. That felt wonderful!

So, the group under Jade’s facilitation helped me bring magic back into my life. In just 10 weeks, I went from barely making it through the day towards consciously living the life I choose to live – I am healthy again, I started my digital marketing business and carved out time for things that make my heart sing. What more could anyone wish for? – H, Europe

Mixed Media Mini Masterclasses

I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore and spend an afternoon creating. Jade has a calm presence and provides clear instructions. She encourages playfulness and there is no pressure to ‘get it right’. I feel much calmer and happy after doing the workshop. – Michael

‘These workshops with Jade are incredible. Such an easy and relaxed space is held by her. I love them and am becoming addicted. Sooo fun, great materials to use and lovely energy.’

‘A great afternoon’s self nourishment.’ – Sharon

‘Everything was provided. Love the goodie bags. Nice pace and structure. And plenty of time to experiment.’

Creative community workshops 

Many thanks for organizing such a worthwhile day on Friday. The children from St Martins were very excited about the activities they were involved in and the information they will share with the rest of the school. – Mary, teacher, participated in the Youth Environment Forum
“I enjoyed being in a sharing context that encouraged self-expression and hearing from others.”- Adult participant in Western Sydney Waterbooks workshop.