Year in Review – Prompt #4 Giving

Sometimes we are encouraged to dive into a vision for the new year without processing the year that has been. Have you ever experienced that?
As an art therapist and coach I know that feeling, accepting and integrating our feelings, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is an important part of good health, and an important part of feeling authentically energised for the future.
Through the last two months of 2018 each week I’ll be sharing some end of year reflection and journaling prompts I have developed to help you integrate the experiences of this year and finish up feeling clearer and more accepting of yourself and the year that was, more focused on what you care deeply about, and more energised for the New Year.

Here is this week’s Year in Review prompt….
Around this time of year lots of people exchange gifts. Gift giving traditions can be fraught and tied up with issues with overconsumption, debt and more. But they are also deeply connected to reciprocity, social ties and acts of care.
Lets think gently and with curiosity about the act of giving. Grab a journal and a cup of tea and explore this one with me.
Journaling and reflection prompts (spend 5 minutes on each):
Beyond formal gift giving, what did you give this year with no expectation of payment or return?
What time did you donate to someone’s project or cause?
What random gifts did you give to those you love?
What funds did you give to charity?
What objects did you give freely to new homes?
Which of your gifts and talents did you share with others?
What small acts of kindness did you try to foster through the year?
Now looking across your answers above, spend 15 minutes with these questions:
What feelings arose in relation to giving this year? What themes can you see?
What was easy to give?
What was harder to give?
What felt great to give?
What would you like to give more of next year?
And if something comes to mind that you’d like to share in comments below feel free to do so!


PS If you live in Australia a great giving opportunity this time of year is Share the Dignity‘s “It’s in the Bag” campaign. It’s easy – simply find a handbag in good condition that you are no longer using and fill it with toiletries and personal care items such as deodorant, face wash, pads and tampons, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Include a brief affirming note or Christmas card, and then drop off at a Bunnings store before or on Sunday the 2nd December.

Love letter to a New Year


Dear New Year,


May you be fresh and fun.


May you have ups and downs, sunny days and storms.


May we walk together with mutual respect.


May you surprise us all.


May you remind us of our shared humanity and of our care for each other.


May you take us places we weren’t expecting and couldn’t have imagined.


May there be laughter, tears, hands held and hugs.


May there be plenty of space within you for sitting under trees and having bare feet on earth, bare legs in cool water.


May you shift and change us in ways we weren’t expecting and might not have been brave enough to do alone.


May you challenge us so that we find our core values over and over again and so that we finish you feeling brave and resolute and strong.


May you cradle us when we feel tired and gentle and soft so that we finish you feeling loved and held and safe.


Dear year, may you offer us many moments of curiosity, joy, reflection, peace, adventure and hope.

And may I remember that whatever you are, however you unfold, I have choices in how I respond, that my inner world is a space I can shape through learning, healing and mindfulness.

Thankyou for sharing your wonderful self with me new year.



Letter writing is a format we can use to process and capture our hopes and wishes for the year. Why not give it a go yourself? 

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Is your vision lopsided? Maybe it’s ok.

So I just wrote out a vision for my life this year – clear prose that talks about what I want, in the future tense as if I already have it. A vision board in words if you like. And I noticed something.

It was mostly about work, making art, my wardrobe, my house, homewares, and how things felt.

I red it over and panicked. Oh my gosh! Am I some awful shallow person? Am I focusing only on nice cushions and how things look, and heaven forbid – comfort??

Then I thought some more. Maybe I am just focusing on the bits I want to adjust.

There’s plenty going right in my life. In relationships, friendships, family, education and learning, health, connectedness. But there are some things annoying me in relation to my house, my wardrobe, and even the pattern and mix of my work-life.

So perhaps it’s natural to hone in on that and create a vision of how exactly I would like that. So I can create it!

If you have done a vision board and are worried it’s unbalanced, or your dreams for the future hinge on just one aspect of life, maybe rather than judging yourself harshly for this or worrying about it, you could see it as a sign that everything else is probably ticking along fine!

If you’re not sure what you want or feel like dreams are just something other people have, maybe you need a hand uncovering your wishes. Book a dream discovery session with me to develop your own personalised vision and vision board at the super special price of $120 for 90 minutes*.

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