Letter Journal Love – Welcome!

Welcome to the Letter Journal Love 101 training!

Letter journals are a very fun way to stay connected with other people, make art regulary, get fun snail mail and learn and be inspired by techniques and approaches to your art making. I can’t wait to have you in the group making art and sharing with us all! And I want to extend a big thanks to MissLadyPetal for the original letter journal idea (which the group has adapted slightly) and to my art friend Sue Maher for introducing me to letter journals in the first place and what a fun wild creative ride that has become for me. But for now, let’s get learning.

Why have I made this induction / training process?

Over the past 9 months of the Letter Journal Love group I have found that there is a LOT to learn for newcomers to letter journal making. It can feel overwhelming and confusing – like you will *never* get all the details. But just like learning to tie your shoelaces as a kid – which felt IMPOSSIBLE to start with, right?? – once you’ve learnt it it’s completely easy. So I have created these induction modules to walk you through step by step what is involved. Rather than just skim the text, I invite you to treat each one as a learning module and really let the information sink in. Take notes if you like. Each module is an important precursor to getting started on your first swap.

This week in the group I suggest you work through these introductory modules and over in the Facebook group start liking and commenting on other people’s posts. Make a note of any questions as you go as there will be opportunities to have these answered after you have read this induction material. I personally would just read one module a day because it’s a lot to take in. But if you’re the type who likes to dive in and read it all you are totally welcome to do that too!

We will organise a beginners SWAP for newcomers a week or so after you join. This is where you can get your hands dirty, use what you’ve learnt and HAVE FUN making your first journal in a completely low pressure swap where we expect that you might make boo boo’s (like we all do when we’re learning) and we will guide you along the way.

In this beginners training you will read modules on:

  1. The Facebook group
  2. Making your Journal
  3. What materials to use
  4. Working in your journal
  5. Joining a swap
  6. Posting your journal
  7. Working in someone else’s journal

Now you can move on to Module 1 – About the Facebook group

Looking forward to seeing your lovely work, swapping with you and having fun.