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The collaborative Blog Making Groovy Things is where I share ideas for creative, crafty, full colour living. It includes posts on knitting, cooking, craft with kids, card making, felt making, candle making, jewellery making and many more! There are some step by step tutorials and before and after photos a plenty. Enjoy!

Celebrating friendship through creativity

In August 2015 Jade ran a workshop for a social group of women who wanted to show their care and support for each other in a creative and fun way. The workshop design featured a range of materials and simple relaxation and centring strategies, to help:

  • encourage participation regardless of what past experience of art they might have had
  • get past restrictions put in place by fear or perfectionism
  • experiment with materials and explore shapes, textures and symbols
  • experience impermanence through staging the destruction of earlier work to create latter work
  • model and encourage acceptance for each participants’ unique personal expression
  • model and encourage a light-hearted and curious approach to creativity and art making
  • bring people together in a cooperative, collaborative making process
  • create a ‘gift’ at the end for the guest of honour and also the host – a lasting creative work to keep as a moment of the day

The group was amazing, the women jumped in feet first and had a great time getting their hands dirty.

Some of the work from the group is below.


In 2010 I contributed work to the exhibition BIODiverseCITY at the community-run gallery space At the Vanishing Point.

My work explored themes of nature and landscape, and included photo-collage, using images from popular culture to reconstruct the landscapes and animals that are the sources and sinks for products of the manufactured world.

This exhibition was a formal part of the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity.

Images from this series were also included in the online Journal ‘Sea Stories’:
Herriman, E.J. 2011, ‘Coastal Zone Artworks’, Sea Stories, Schulke, C.R. and Copeland, K.R. (Blue Ocean Institute), Chicago, USA, pp. 1-1.

Zine ‘a week in review’

This zine follows our heroine through the daily adventures of plant nursing and report writing, hair wrangling and life administration. First published in 2007, there have been 4 editions since, the last published in January 2011.

‘a week in review’ is available from the Sticky Institute, an artist run initiative housed in Degraves Street Subway, under Flinders Street in Melbourne.

Below are some preview images from the next edition…


Artist trading cards – ‘Pocket Change’

Creating Change through Small Creative Acts

Pocket Change is a collaborative project hosted by 6 Degrees of Creativity, and organised by Hannah Klaus Hunter and Beth Rommel. The project  focuses on the power of creating change through making something small (in the form of artist trading cards) and through engaging in simple acts of creative kindness.

Each participant creates 4 artist trading cards (2.5″ x 3.5″, or 64 x 89mm) and sends them off –  in exchange they get back 3 from others. More info on the next exchange here, and read more from Hannah about the exchange I was involved in here.


In 2012 Jade ran book making workshops in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains, in collaboration with Annie Bolitho. The workshops focused on connecting people to the water body closest to them and funded through the the WSROC Water in the Landscape project.

A selection of the final books have been accepted into a 2013 exhibition in New York at Central Booking, an artists book gallery, in an exhibition focused on the art environment nexus.

Creative engagement of young people

in 2000, Jade worked on the Warringah Council environment strategy youth art project, culminating in a full day youth environment forum.

Jade designed and worked on a youth community engagement process using a visioning process through creating large painted banners.  The team created an arts materials kit and guidance, to support registered groups to create their expressive pieces. These banners were displayed at the Warringah Youth Environment Forum in the Council Chambers, and used as images within the final environment strategy.

At the Youth Environment Forum, over 100 young people aged 6-16 came together to use visioning and strategic planning processes to prioritise and provide comments on the actions of the draft environment strategy.

Graffiti artists were engaged to create a ‘living mural’ of the day, which evolved to capture the discussions and recommendations of participants – a bold and colourful form of visual reporting to accompany the day’s written records. Jade engaged the local artists, and helped design the pre forum youth facilitation training for volunteer facilitators at the day.


In 2006, Jade led an evening feltmaking workshop for staff at the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

A team building exercise for the small office staff, participants were invited to bring a friend for a Friday night class. Participants learned to make three-dimensional moulded bags and booties and to apply coloured fibres to make patterns and designs as part of the feltmaking process.

The Giant Dragonfly Project

Printmaking as community cultural development

In 2005-2006, I was engaged by the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute as a community artist to teach a group of bush regenerators intaglio print making methods, with a focus on the endangered Giant Dragonfly Petalura gigantea.

The workshops included information about the historical and cultural associations with dragonflies around the world, dragonfly biology and habitat needs. The links between groundwater and dragonfly breeding was explored by the group, with final student works exhibited in local shop fronts as part of ArtStreet festival.