Flower photos

I love flowers, and I love taking flowers of flowers. Not just any photos but up-close, in love, light drenched, shadow weary photos of bursting, peeking, scuffed, radiant, glorious flowers. I go through phases of trying to take one photo a day of a flower that I think really captures the moment of that flower, the light and how I felt all at once. When I play this game I set myself the challenge of not taking more than one photo of each type of flower. 30 days of continuous flower photos.. 60… I do it when I’m travelling too, as a way to really look at and appreciate the spaces around me. I do it because flowers are so amazing, my camera is so amazing. I have nothing much to offer to the two of them, except appreciation. I look, I find, I wonder, I press click, I share. And my heart swells just a little bit when I do.




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