Workshop experience

I have designed and facilitated workshops for a diverse range of clients over the past 20 years – ranging from senior managers to specialist technical staff to diverse members of the public to special interest community groups. The workshops have had a range of objectives: training people in new concepts and skills, creating a vision, providing a space for self refection, assessing where things ‘are’, community connection, individual growth and healing, reflecting on how things have been, coming up with strategies for how to change things, prioritising and deciding on ideas or actions.

Here are some examples of the workshops I have designed and/or delivered for various clients:

  • Creating a work and life vision (LinkedIn 2019)Ran a 3 hour visioning workshop workshops for 26 staff across the organisation as part of a LinkedIn InDay with 26 staff from across the organisation in January 2019.


  • Spring into Journaling! (Whites Creek Cottage 2018) – A full day introduction to journaling focused on techniques to start a regular journaling practice, different forms of journals, ways to get around fear of the blank page, how to link journaling to gratitude practices, and privacy and safety considerations. September 2018.


  • Circular economy for NSW workshop (NSW Environmental Protection Authority/Institute for Sustainable Futures 2018) – Co-designed and facilitated information and discussion workshops for the Institute for Sustainable Futures/ Environmental Protection Authority  to hear a range of diverse views from industry and government stakeholders on the topic of the ‘circular economy’. Design, preparation and facilitation of two half-day workshops on the 13th and 16th July 2018 at UTS Business School.


  • Mentoring research staff member in workshop design (Institute for Sustainable Futures, 2017-2018) – Providing expert advice and assistance in designing full day capacity building/ engagement workshop and associated materials, for a local government client.


  • Therapeutic art workshops for High School students (OASIS college 2018) Designing and delivering 8 x weekly workshops for Oasis College students in art methods and materials, creative expression, and self acceptance.


  • Therapeutic art workshops for young parents (OASIS Young Parents Program 2018) Designing and delivering 2 x workshops for young parents in art methods and materials, creative expression, and self acceptance.


  • Industry feedback workshop on draft sustainability tool (Institute for Sustainable Futures, 2017) – The purpose of the workshop was to seek feedback from Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) signatories who are participating in a pilot of a packaging sustainability self-assessment tool. Preparation and co-facilitating APCO Project Workshop on 5th April at UTS Business School.


  • Online art therapy wellbeing groups (international participants 2017) – Ran 3 different online live art therapy groups for women – focus on inner critic and authentic creative expression in life. January – December 2017.


  • Staff end of year reflections (Oasis 2017) – Designed and delivered a 3 hour workshop using mindfulness, discussion and creativity for staff to process the highlights and challenges of the year that had gone. Staff were invited to reflect on personal and professional highlights and challenges, and share insights with each other in a safe and carefully facilitated space. December 2017.


  • Printmaking workshop focused on recycled materials (Inner West Council 2017) -Preparing and delivering Treading Lightly workshop on Saturday 18 March 2017 with diverse community members who were interested in reducing environmental impact and creativity.


  • Women’s Wellbeing Group (Liverpool Women’s Health Centre 2017) – Preparing and delivering 6 art therapy workshops funded by a Liverpool Council grant. group focused on self acceptance, connection and linking women with health and social services.


  • Team building workshop post restructure (TAFE North Sydney 2016) – designed and delivered a team building workshop to assist two teams who had come together post restructure get to know each other better, using appreciative and creative methods to build deeper connection.


  • Mater hospital leaders wellness day (Mater Hospital 2016) – prepared and facilitated 2 hour discussion and reflection on self care for award winning staff from across the organisation (including nursing, specialist medical, administration and finance) who were having an away day on wellbeing. Friday 28th October 2016.


  • Multicultural parents art therapy group (Creating Links 2016) Preparing and delivering weekly workshop series using arrange of art materials and processes to foster relaxation, mindfulness and self awareness. Group beginning Thursday 20th October 2016 and completed 8th December 2016.


  • Staff creativity workshop (KWM 2016) Preparing and delivering three one hour workshops for law firm King and Wood Mallesons staff team building – using creative methods and collage to experience playfulness. Friday 5th August 2016.


  • Online coaching group (international participants 2016) – designed and delivered an innovative discussion and support group for personal and professional growth utilising written and video connection.


  • Online Idea Party (international participants, 2016) – lead facilitator for international week-long online ‘idea party’ with over 400 participants in 2016. An Idea Party is a type of peer coaching devised by Barbara Sher where participants share ideas for overcoming obstacles after a person has identified their vision and goals – this was the largest ‘live’ idea party held with international participants in an online forum.


  • Recycled water workshop for City of Sydney (CoS 2014) – Designed and facilitated a recycled water workshop with staff from across the organisation. Presented the social research findings and facilitated a plenary discussion and small group discussion about the implications for the Plan.


  • Leadership workshop for local government managers (Government Sustainability Conference Sydney 2014) – Designed and facilitated a 40 minute Leadership workshop for sustainability professionals from government, industry and the NFP sectors, using creative methods and visualisation. August 2014.


  • Environmental place making workshops (Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils 2012)Facilitated creative art (book making) workshops with the public to stimulate reflection on how they connect with and care about local waterways. Workshops were held at Blaxland East Public School and at the UWS Earthcare Centre .


  • Australia’s event in a world first global deliberation on climate change (University of Technology Sydney 2011) – Recruited, trained and coordinated facilitators for this two-day deliberative forum ‘World Wide Views on Global Warming’ with 105 randomly selected Australians to discuss, vote on and make recommendations on key climate issues prior to the United National climate change talks.


  • Prioritising investment for the solar industry (DECC 2009) – Prepared and co-facilitated an industry forum of diverse stakeholders in the solar industry in NSW, including investors, manufacturers and policy makers.


  • Workshops with academics to design an innovative new Masters program – (Research and Innovation Office UTS, 2008) – Engaged university staff from all faculties to help design a new Postgraduate Program in Leadership for Sustainability and the Environment. Facilitated collaborative workshops to develop a vision and draft course outline, including a learning workshop that highlighted best practice from other universities around Australia.


  • 20 year visioning for Melbourne’s waste water system (Melbourne Water 2007) – Worked with key stakeholders of the water industry, including NGO’s and water company Senior Managers, in visioning and backcasting for preferred futures for the water industry.


  • Involving citizens in prioritising for urban water (Victorian Smart Water Fund, 2007) – Designed and ran a 3 day citizens jury. Sessions included sharing information, structured discussion (‘deliberation’) and prioritising different water options.


  • Involving young people in long term visioning (Warringah Council, 2000) – organised an event for 100 young people aged 6-16 to come together to use visioning and planning to prioritise and comment on the actions of the draft environment strategy.