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Hi there! I’m Jade, a creative business owner, art therapist, artist and certified Barbara Sher life coach based in the Inner West of Sydney. I love using art therapy and coaching to help people see themselves and their situations in new ways, and helping others create, connect and work towards their dreams.

If you would like to help sort out a situation, move out of a rut, process some feelings, or work towards a long help dream I can help!

I look forward to meeting you in an art workshop, coaching or art therapy session in Sydney, or in one of my up coming online workshops.

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Who am I and why do I do this work?

I have lived a wide range of experiences: from studying ecology to social science, from working in policy and research for governments and corporates to training as a transpersonal art therapist and working with individuals on deep personal, emotional issues. From working in Malaysia and Vietnam on big environmental projects, to enjoying hours at home pottering around on craft projects like making my own ‘zines’ and making mixed media art. I have been unemployed, a waitress, a volunteer, a project manager, a supervisor, a consultant, a research principal, a workshop facilitator; both a beginner and an expert, shy and outspoken, head and heart driven, a raving introvert who loves connecting people, someone who reads Italo Calvino and also Sue Grafton…

In my darkest times I have found solace in both art and therapy.

In my lightest times I have delighted in creative expression and creating projects in the world.

  • I am exhilarated by using my analytical problem solving strategic mind.
  • I feel content when I bathe in my senses and delight in the beauty, grime and texture of the world.
  • I feel connected when I can meet others with our masks down and name our hopes and our fears, when we can own our imperfections but not be owned by them.
  • I feel safe and held when I am around grounded people who are self-reflective and accepting

My work reflects what I love and who I am:
– I create safe spaces where people can make art and go inwards, knowing that what they find is welcome and accepted
– I help people dare to dream and believe in their projects, and come up with solid structures in the real world that will help them take form
– I join my coaching clients in problem solving and exploration
– in all my work I am happy to ‘go there’ – I have worked with people who have experienced grief and loss and people who struggle with mental illness as well as people who are generally exploring what makes them tick
– I am interested in the many and varied ways we can live our lives, and I try very hard not to impose my values or definition of ‘success’ onto you. I especially love working with people who think about what makes life meaningful and pleasurable for them and want to find ways to live according to their own personal material/ creative / spiritual/ community/ ecological values and goals.

About my journey

My early passion for environmental protection and ecology took me to the University of Adelaide to study for a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology, and at RMIT where I earned a Masters of Social Science in International Urban and Environmental Management. I worked for 15 years in professional roles to do with environmental management / sustainability.  I was running community education programs, doing strategy, policy and research on topics spanning urban biodiversity, waste reduction, water systems, public transport etc.

I’m a trained art therapist and Barbara Sher life coach based in Sydney. I worked for 15 years in government, consulting and universities and found that I LOVED helping people develop their careers, LOVED helping people make decisions and LOVED problem solving and coming up with new ideas. That combined with my own art making practice (self taught and keeps me sane) meant that both coaching and art therapy called to me as a new career direction.I completed a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, and studied in Germany with Barbara Sher to become a Barbara Sher Life Coach – a dream come true!

Fast forward a few years and I see and work with coaching clients from around the world on a range of issues: from how to get promoted at work, to how to balance study alongside family and work commitments, how make big decisions (like whether to move jobs or buy a house), or things to do with running a small business. In my art therapy I work on emotional and family issues, and we can process feelings, ideas coming from your subconscious and attending to old wounds. In my coaching we look at the future and how to get the things happening in your life that you would like.

I work with clients face to face, by Skype and in groups to help them heal, get to know themselves in new ways, make decisions, create change in their lives and generally access their own wisdom – using creative methods and having fun along the way.

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How might we work together?

How we might work together
HEALING Are you wanting to dig deeper into your emotional landscape and do some deep healing? Maybe you want to make sense of some difficult situation you find yourself in, or get to know yourself better. Maybe you want to process some deep feelings like grief or anger that are scary to feel on your own – then we might use one on one art therapy in our work together.

CREATIVE CONNECTION Would you like more creativity and connection in your life? Maybe you would like to come together with other women and feel connected through creativity and personal growth – sharing about your life and feeling a little pocket of calm and care in your week – then my Women’s Wellbeing Group might be for you.

CREATIVE PLAY Or maybe you want the art without all the ‘navel gazing’ — just some fun fast art making, where I provide enough structure so you don’t have to figure out what to do next, and enough flexibility to play. And of course I bring my art therapists love of naming and working with the inner critic, so you are welcome to come even if ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘I’ve never done this kind of thing’. Perfect for squeezing some practical art making into a busy life you just need to bring yourself, all materials provided and you leave with artworks and a practical skill. My Mixed Media Mini Masterclases might be for you.

LIFE DESIGN Would you like to make sense of all your ideas and interests and build a life that celebrate them? Maybe you have five million ideas for your life and work but can’t settle on any of them and seem to avoid doing exactly what you think you would most love to do? If so my Barbara Sher based coaching methods for scanners might help. One on one coaching might be for you.

PROJECTS AND PLANS Would you like to get something done, create something or make a change? Or maybe you have one clear goal that you’d like to work towards, and you need someone there for the long haul to see you through the ups and downs, and help keep you motivated and accountable? It might be to better market your health business, create a plan for how to get promoted in your day job, establish a regular writing practice, or to have your first exhibition as a visual artist. I’ll share my tips and tools from 15 years working in organisations and bringing many projects and ideas to life. One on one coaching might be for you.


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Jade Herriman (Dip TAT, BSc and MSocSci) is a transpersonal art therapist and coach. She draws on over 15 years experience working in government and higher education as a sustainability professional, researcher and facilitator. Jade integrates the principles of client centred counselling, coaching and group facilitation with art therapy processes to help people shift into new ways of thinking and acting. Jade runs creative and inspiring workshops within organisations for staff and their clients.


I am registered with Holistic Therapists Australia and a Professional Member of the Blue Knot Foundation. I am a member of the Australasian Facilitators’ Network.


I have current public liability and professional indemnity policies with Therapysure.