7 Days of Flower Love – Wrap up

Well it’s been a wild and colourful ride the past 7 days!  Was your inbox more colourful? Mine was. Did you learn something about plants and landscapes around the world? I certainly did.

Some ideas for carrying on the flower love

Here are some ideas for how you can keep the flower love going hot on the heels of the challenge.

  1. Use the inspiration to go plant some seeds or seedlings in your garden. Maybe you’ll have some new blooms to celebrate by next challenge! My next one to try is dahlias, I’m hunting for tubers to plant this month
  2. Print your photos on photo paper (photo shops, large office stores have DIY booths here in Australia) and stick to the front of blank cards to make luscious personalised greeting cards for friends and family
  3. Download an easy photo editing ap like picmonkey,  add words to your photos and use as birthday greetings on Facebook (I love doing this!)
  4. Take a posy of flowers from the garden wrapped up in string next time you go meet a friend or family member, or gift some to the neighbours ‘just because’
  5. Make flower crowns with some kids or young at heart – and wear them! They can be big and fancy or small and simple. Remember daisy chain crowns?
  6. Do some quick sketches of flowers, water colour your ideal garden, create a flower inspired fabric design
  7. Treat yourself to a new book about flowers or botany or maybe treat a little person in your life and help share the love of flowers with the next generation
  8. Come along to my next Mixed Media Mini Masterclass on hand carved stamp making, and create personalised stamps of flowers that you can use in your mixed media art over and over again
  9. Decorate some envelopes with flowers ready to jazz up your next snail mail
  10. Print your flowers, cut them up and use them in collage with other mixed media elements

And lucky number 11:

Join in the next challenge scheduled for 1st December! 

Go well! Look forward to seeing you in our group on the 1st December 2016, on your own facebook page, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Sign up to my mailing list or blog if you’d like to stay in touch between now and then.

Best wishes


Drawing by me, 2015.

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