7 Days of Flower Love – Daily Challenges

Day 1 – appreciation

The goal of this challenge is to take photos of flowers and share them every day for 7 days. Joining in should take less than 15 minutes a day.

But the real goal of this challenge is APPRECIATION.

To start to see beauty all around us.

To find tiny little glimmers of beauty on your daily stroll or gazing out the window of your back-garden.

As we progress it will be interesting to see how your attention shifts to notice, really notice, and appreciate this simple gift given freely to us by plants.


Challenge Day 1

For today your challenge is just to join in – find one flower that strikes you as beautiful, take a happy snap and share it on social media with the hashtag. And as you do notice the feeling of appreciation inside you. Or maybe it feels like delight, pleasure, or curiosity. Whatever it feels like, enjoy it.

Later in the week we will dive in deeper to the art of seeing and the way flowers symbolize abundance in our busy world.

Go well! Look forward to seeing you here in our group, on your own facebook page, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Best wishes


Photo by me, 2016. Taken on my trusty phone camera.


7 Days of Flower Love is a free challenge! Thank you for joining us in the challenge. Feel free to invite others to join us by sharing the link to this page over HERE.