7 Days of Flower Love – Daily Challenges

Day 5 – reframe


Have you ever taken a selfie and thought ‘oh no I’m taking that again, this time with my chin up?’. Or seen yourself in a group photo and thought ‘hang on that was just the side of my face, let me do that again square on’? Or ‘whaaaa?? Where is the rest of me? I’ve just taken a photo of the top of my head!’ ?

If so you already know a little something about how FRAMING your subject matters.

With our flower photos, one thing we can experiment with is the angle we approach them at, and how we place them in the square of our viewfinder. Sometimes a flower right in the middle looks great. Sometimes it can be fun to get a little branch and sky and have our flower off to the side.

Challenge Day 5

Have a play around with taking shots from directly above, compared with from the side, close up and further away, and directly in the middle versus off to one side. See what you like best. Frame your flower in a way you wouldn’t normally and tell us about it.

Go well! Look forward to seeing you here in our group, on your own facebook page, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Best wishes


Photo by me, 2015. A gerbera in a vase in a cafe.  Taken on my trusty phone camera from above. Imagine how different the same shot would have been taken on the side with stem and vase and the cafe in the background. See how different it looks cropped to how it might look with the full round shape of the flower visible? Neither is right or wrong, but it’s fun to experiment.


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