7 Days of Flower Love – Daily Challenges

Day 4 – symbolism

So far we have talked about noticing, about letting our senses guide us, and about noticing the light and shade as we take our photos.

Now I want to talk about all that flowers symbolise.

There was a hearty Victorian tradition of giving flowers symbolic meaning. The ‘language’ of flowers.

Flowers would convey messages of love or dislike depending upon which ones were given, their sizes how they were held, or also grouped together. They had a silent meaning of their very own, and could “say” what was not dared to be spoken. Even the manner in which flowers were sent had a special meaning. – Source : Victorian Bazaar

To this day we choose certain flowers for certain occasions, to evoke certain feelings. They are rich in cultural meanings. If a workmate gave us a dozen long stemmed roses wrapped and tied with a bow we might feel different to getting a few cheery gerberas mixed with green leaves. There is a cultural language around flowers, they can still be a type of communication.

They are also rich in personal meaning. The flowers our grandmothers grew may have special tenderness in our hearts. The flowers someone gave to us once. The flowers that grew on our street as kids. The flowers we discovered when we made a new place our home.

Challenge Day 4

For today your challenge is to take a snap of a flower that has some kind of symbolic meaning for you. It may always remind you of a time of year, or of a feeling, of hope, or a special occasion, of a book you read once, or a famous person. Tell us the story as well as sharing the flower. Hint: It doesn’t have to be deeply personal, it might just be a happy association you have with that flower, or something it reminds you of.

Go well! Look forward to seeing you here in our group, on your own facebook page, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Best wishes


Photo by me, 2014. Taken on my trusty phone camera. Hydrangeas always remind me of my Grandmother, who loves flowers as much as I do. She used to bring posies from her garden, stoppered with wet tissues and wrapped in scrunched alfoil whenever she visited.


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