7 Days of Flower Love – Daily Challenges

Day 3 – light and shade

I am not a trained photographer, just someone who loves to see and make beautiful things, and help others do the same.

Today though is a little bit of a technical challenge.

To notice NOT JUST the flower but also how the light plays on it, and let that guide your photograph.

For example, I find some of my favourite flower photos are those that catch the flower playing in the sunlight. Or peeking out from shadow. Or being barely seen in the moody lighting of a bar at night.

Have you noticed how the light at certain times of day feels warmer than others. Honey dripping sunshine. Other times of day the light is barely there, the kiss of a shadow.

Challenge Day 3

For today your challenge is to notice the light and how it sits on the face of the flowers you are photographing. See if you can find a flower that is luxuriously bathed in light. Or one where it is casting a shadow. Or one where the very very soft morning light seems to match the gentle softness of the flower.

Go well! Look forward to seeing you here in our group, on your own facebook page, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Best wishes


Photo by me, 2015. Taken on my trusty phone camera out the front of a 7 day grocer that also sells flowers. The light stopped me in my tracks. I fished around in my purse for said camera – and voila! Or should that be ‘Viola’?? 🙂


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