7 Days of Flower Love – Daily Challenges

Day 2 – letting your eyes choose

One part of how I approach art making and photography is to let my EYES make my decision, not my analytical brain.

So I try to let the image of a beautiful flower ‘jump out at me’ rather than standing in front of a bush or tree and thinking ‘hmmm, there’s a lot of flowers, I bet one of these will be nice to photograph, which one will I choose?’. I find if I TRUST that I will see one great flower in the day – I do. If instead I think ‘oh I better take lots of photos every time I see a flower’ it feel mechanical and the pictures are too.

Whenever I do it with my eyes taking the lead rather than my logic I find my photos ‘pop’ because there is genuine delight at the core of the image.

We are practicing connecting to our SENSES and the wisdom they have.

Challenge Day 2

Let ONE great flower jump out at you today. Your eyes will know when they see it. It might be because you have an emotional connection with that flower. It might be because the way it is lit up in the morning light just makes you gasp. It might be that it is really unusual and when you peer in closer for a closer look you see all sorts of strange details you had never noticed before. Whatever the reason, just check in and make sure as best you can that you are letting your SENSES make the choice. What appeals, looks delicious, feels intriguing and generally strikes you as BEAUTIFUL?

This kind of seeing and trusting takes some practice, so for now it might just be a small surge of knowing that you feel when you see the right one. Take the photo, feel happy that your noticing skills are growing, and give yourself the rest of the day off from flower hunting 🙂

Go well! Look forward to seeing you in our group, twitter or somewhere else, sharing your pictures along with the hashtag #7DOFL

Best wishes


Photo by me. Taken on my trusty phone camera on the outskirts of Frankfurt in the German Spring when I was there for coach training.


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