Year in Review – Prompt #1 Books

Through the last two months of 2018 I’m sharing some end of year reflection prompts to help you integrate the experiences of this year and finish up feeling good about yourself, your journey, the year that was and the year that’s coming up.

Here is the first Year in Review reflection and journaling prompt….
What books/ articles/ blogs did you read this year?
Take an hour this week to sit down with pen and paper (or laptop and coffee) and jot down all the books you can remember that you read this year.
1. What themes interested you most?
2. What kinds of characters inspired you?
3. What kinds of feelings/ experiences were you looking for in your reading?
Write for 10 minutes about each of these questions (or another question that feels like it needs answering).
4. Wrap up: what have you learnt about yourself and your year based on what you read? Write freehand for 10 minutes on this, without editing or judgement. Put whatever comes to mind.
5. Wish for next year: What would you like to read more of next year? Write for 5 minutes about this, let it be impulsive, free and creative, steer clear of guilt or shoulds.

That’s it!


And remember to be kind to yourself as you reflect and write – accept and be kind to yourself about whatever you read, whatever you felt, whatever you were drawn to.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review – Prompt #1 Books”

  1. This year I learned that I do not read books as much as I think I do (or not all the way through) until I write it down and feel embarrassed at the lack of completed titles.

    Short forms – articles, blog posts- give me the summary that I need. If after reading short forms I am still interested in the topic, then I go to the book stage. Not every interest lasts to the book stage.

    I tend to gather bunches of knowledge, but not a whole peck full sometimes. I am learning not to be embarrassed by that.

    1. Great self knowledge and self acceptance! We all read, live, learn in different ways and that’s completely fine. Many of us read more short pieces than long these days I think. I also love podcasts because I can do things with my hands, or walk while I listen.

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