You want a rich full juicy creative life

You want a rich full juicy creative life.

Money is not your end game.

Money is how you pay bills and what helps you have stability and choice in the material world, but you don’t measure your success by your bank balance. All roads do not lead to income. You want money to be in service of your dream not the other way around.

Your goals are deeply personal. They are about creating a satisfying and meaningful life.

You want things like kindness, self care, connection with like minded people. You want to feel kind, generous, supportive and you want to feel connected. You are sometimes embarassed to say it out loud but love is one of your main motivators and goals in life. To be more loving, to open your heart, to act with love.

You want to make a nett positive contribution. There are issues you care about and you want to make a difference. You care about the world, you care about people. You want to shake things up, create change. You want to help support, challenge, heal, inspire, support, educate, connect people.

You want to bring beauty into the world. This might be through your art, music, performance, through getting your ideas on the page. It might be through interiors and your home. It might be through creativity community projects and social enterprise and volunteering. It might be through starting your own business and creating beautiful systems and processes. You have a vision, you are pulled towards things. Your vision is rich and varied and ideas are your friends.

You want to feel light. A spring in your step. A reason to get our of bed. Something to look forward to, a sense of possibility. You want to have plans, and be able to bring your most deeply held precious dreams into the world with confidence and ease.

You want to be real. You want to feel authentic and not a fake. To love yourself even if you are a bit grubby or dinged in parts. A smile or tears both welcome, not some shiny two dimensional version of you curated for show. Deep conversations. Uniquely you. You want whatever you do to fit with your life, your skills, your passions, your resources. You don’t want to buy someone else’s map to some place you don’t even want to go.

You want a life that surprises you. One full of learning and change. You want adventures of the body and mind. You want to feel freedom and variety. You want to use your favourite skills, and feel good about it. You want your interests and fascinations and inspirations to take the reins in your life- not your fears, not what other people expect of you, not keeping up with the Joneses. You don’t care if your life makes sense to anyone else (well you do a bit but you are gradually caring less and less about this).

You know that something is holding you back. Is it fear? Is it that voice in your head that says ‘how dare you, stop being so dreamy/ pathetic/ selfish, this is the real world, just get on with it, you don’t have to like your job’ or ‘get real, people like you can’t do things like that?’. Are you trying to fit in with someone else’s view of who you are? Trying not to be too loud, colourful, audacious? Trying not to show anyone up, be too successful, take up too much room? Is it because you realise you’ve been competing in a game you don’t even care about but aren’t sure where to go next?

Or maybe it’s the practical stuff. Sure you have a vision but how the hell are you meant to get there? You somehow skipped that part where eveyone else seems to have learnt how to plan and prioritise, how to stop getting overwhelmed with too much on their plate, how to manage the peaks and troughs of their own energy levels, to take an idea and get it done. And what about how to build your professional reputation, change directions, retrain or reinvent? You figure there are probably business things and social media things and legal things and it all feels a bit much – where to start?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. And you’re not crazy.

You just need a companion to set off with you, and maybe some sustenance for the journey.

You need a jolt of confidence and maybe some practical tools.

You need to speak to someone who gets you and has been there too.

You need some encouragement through the hard bits and celebration at the peaks.

And you need to be able to keep moving and find new help along the way, until one day you notice that you are encouraging yourself, celebrating yourself, believing in yourself.

If this speaks to you I would be delighted to be that person you need now. Imagine having someone in your corner. Imagine having someone you can share your weird with. Imagine someone who gets messy, impulsive, sensitive, emotional, creative and doesn’t judge you for it. Imagine someone who gets fear, and self doubt living right alongside drive and big dreams. Imagine someone who delights in your quirky sense of humour and your way-out plans, or your teensy tiny tender little seeds of dreams.

Imagine someone who cares deeply about social and environmental issues too, who is empathetic and understands trauma and grief, who is trained in the transpersonal and client centred counselling and experienced in nuts and bolts project management. One foot in each world. Is that someone you would like on your team?

Make the leap. Get started. Who knows where this journey might take you. If avoiding it or bullying yourself isn’t working, try supporting yourself and surrounding yourself with support. Back yourself and your dreams. Trust your instincts. Take a leap of faith.

Make a commitment to yourself and get started.

My ‘Kickstart your Project’ package is $450 for three hour long sessions. I will be taking new clients from January 2019.


2 thoughts on “You want a rich full juicy creative life”

    1. It’s nice to know we are not alone isn’t it? Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

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