Musings on imperfection and professionalism

I shared on social media recently that I was feeling really tired, exhausted from a busy few months. That maybe I hadn’t got the mix of work quite right, that I needed some time to rest and replenish.

Then I spoke with a colleague about it. She said she admired how I share openly about the different parts of myself.

I thanked her for that reflection and shared that I feel like I have to be honest about the hard stuff, because being in integrity with my feelings is how I want my work to be. And asking for help and support, that’s a big ongoing life challenge for me, an area of growth, so it feels like good practice to ask sometimes.

I shared with her that I sometimes worry it’s ‘not professional’ but then I think ‘f*^k it, that’s just the truth of who I am’. People who are scared to see the dark, who want ‘perfect’ and who want a coach that seems to have no problems ever – they are not my people.

I try to bring self awareness and compassion to my strong feelings. I try to process them and tend to them before I share them publicly. I am aware that my journal / therapist/ mentor/ coach/ friends are where the raw feelings get processed and made sense of. I never do that with my clients. I always check in first that it’s not raw and ‘in the moment’ and that there is some sense of it the sharing being for the greater good and not just for myself before I hit publish.

She said ‘maybe we need a new version of what professional is’.

I agree.

Does anything resonate for you about this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.