When a dream keeps calling

Do you have a dream that keeps calling?
It sounds like a melody sweet in the night
It feels like a longing
It tastes like a bitter citrus bubbly drink, sweet and hard on your tongue at the same time
It smells like an off key jasmine on a hot night – hard to catch, cloying, mesmerising

It is a gap in your heart
It is the guilty envy and bile that builds up in response to others who are doing it already
It is your hand wringing mantra of fear that says ‘I can’t! People like us don’t! It’s selfish to! I’ll perish! I’ll starve! I’ll be ridiculed! I’ll be left all alone! People won’t like me anymore!’
It’s a pain like a lost love

It’s being unable to fully commit to the other dreams your ego deems safe and respectable
It demands to be seen
It demands to be spoken
It demands your love and commitment
It wants some space in your conversation, at your kitchen table, in your heart and in your diary
– – –
What does it feel like to you? What does your dream want from you?
Drop me a line if you want support in reconnecting with your dream and working towards it this year!

5 thoughts on “When a dream keeps calling”

  1. Beautiful, Jade!
    Your words hit the point.
    “It’s a pain like a lost love”, so true.
    To me it’s like a calling from caves deep down …
    Thanks for the encouragement to follow our dreams.

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