Want to be an actor?


Now let me know…
Is it standing in front of an adoring audience that brings you the ultimate high? (No shame if it is – plenty of performers love this feeling). Is it surrounding yourself with people in a theatrical tribe? Is it the chance to get outside your own worries and be absorbed fully in the moment that draw you in? Is it the rush of adrenaline? Is it the feeling of fully emerging into and understanding a character? Is it critical acclaim and approval from those who really know the craft and judge excellence your ultimate goal? Is it the physical, textural aspects of costume, set and stage that gets your heart pounding? Is it the ability to share deep important stories? Is it the feeling of connecting a whole group of strangers in the audience to each other through their shared emotions?

Barbara Sher reminds us to dig around and understand the core of what is most delicious to us about our dream. Your driver and mine might be quite different even if we are going after the same thing.

Knowing what ultimately is your ‘nectar’ – the thing you seek at the heart of the activity you like – will help you shape your dream to best meet your needs. Two people might love acting, but what really lights them up might be different.

If you love the rush of a large audience you might decide that musical theatre will get you there faster than small independent productions. Or if you know that storytelling and shared emotional experience really lights you up, you might choose scripts that really deliver on that. These are just hypotheticals, I’m not a performer so they may read clunky if you know this space. But do you get what I mean?

Knowing what is at the heart of your dream can make you more resilient in the face of ‘should do’s’ and clearer about what steps or opportunities will really light you up. This self knowledge makes it easier to find our own unique path that fits us well, like Goldilocks discovering the bowl of porridge that is ‘just right’.

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