I am grateful for people who make their life’s work about something beyond themselves, even in small easy to overlook ways.
Today I celebrate again all the people who work hard for the good of others, not just for their own gain. I celebrate and give thanks for the healers, the social workers, the listeners. I celebrate and give thanks to the bakers, and builders and weavers and poets.
I celebrate and give thanks to those in my life who are quietly kind, who are generous, who shine as noble and full of integrity. To the neighbours who smile and say hi, the shopkeepers who have time to listen to the lonely.
I celebrate and give thanks to the teachers, story tellers, visionaries, activists and peaceful protestors. Those researchers, civil servants and policy workers who sometimes work late into the night driven by passion, to try to fix tricky problems and deliver value to the world.
I celebrate and give thanks to all those people who care about caring and care about insight and care about self awareness.
And I wish them resolve, fortitude and courage to continue with their work, whilst also attending to their own self care and connection to their inner worlds, nature and community.

Do you have a way to give thanks for all the year has brought for you?