Tending the garden of self care

Our own state of mind and energy levels are our biggest resource. Eroding these for the sake of short term outputs is a very bad idea.

Just like soil needs to be nourished and full of nutrients to support plant growth and flourishing so does our own deep reserves of rich materials need topping up.

For me I apply compost to my own soil by writing, drawing, gazing, sitting, wool shopping, knitting, wondering, browsing, reading, sleeping, taking photos, lazing. Attending to my own boundaries. Choosing to disconnect when I need to. Letting myself be slooooow not fast. Taking the long way around. Soaking myself in nutrients from the inside through way I eat and drink and immersing myself in calm through being in water.

My challenge is to continually tend to my soil, not only when I notice that my leaves are yellowing and drooping.

How do you tend to your soil (soul) now to support next seasons growth?