Living in the comfort zone

Sometimes feeling stuck can just be that we have grown into our adventure zone and turned it into out comfort zone.

What felt new and exciting and a bit of a push when we first started now feels familiar and old hat.

Feels automatic.

We know that a degree of challenge or creativity is needed to keep us vibrant and interested in our days, so when our work, or daily tasks, are no longer giving us the chance to learn and stretch ourselves, a kind of malaise can set in.

“But why?” we might think. “This was interesting last year, why isn’t it interesting now?”


Maybe we need more learning.

Maybe we need to step up into the next challenge.

Maybe we need a project just for fun.

Maybe we need more collaboration.


Maybe we need a puzzle to figure out.

Maybe we need to connect with what satisfies us most.

Maybe we need some risk as well as some certainly.

Maybe we need a creative project that fills us with joy.


Maybe we need to drench ourselves with acts of self care and love.

Maybe we need to commit to a slightly scary goal and work towards it.

Maybe we need to name the next dream that seems so audacious we can barely believe it’s slipped out from our lips.

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