10 creative things you can do on a walk

  1. Notice shadows
  2. Notice sounds
  3. Take photos of flowers
  4. Look at doorways
  5. Notice tiles
  6. See how many birds you can see
  7. Walk each block with a different posture and see how that feels
  8. Keep your eyes peeled for bees, beetles, butterflies and other insects
  9. Notice different shaped leaves
  10. Imagine your feet are creating a mark in the ground. What shape would your walk make from above?

Adding awareness and PLAY to our day doesn’t have to take oodles of extra time.

And if you want to go deeper and be supported every step of the way, join us for two hours a week of deep dive creativity in my online Women’s Creative Wellbeing group on Friday mornings 10.00-12.00 AEST. Next group begins in January 2018 and I’m taking expressions of interest via email.

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