Grief Awareness

Loss and grief are fundamental to human life. Grief can be defined as the response to the loss in all of its totality – including its physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and spiritual manifestations – and as a natural and normal reaction to loss. Put simply, grief is the price we pay for love, and a natural consequence of forming emotional bonds to people, projects and possessions. – Christopher Hall MAPS, Director, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

Grief is something that can occur for many reasons.The kinds of losses that can cause grief include but are not limited to:-
– death of a loved one
– death of a pet
– divorce and/or seperation
– miscarriage, baby loss, abortion
– loss of employment
– loss of cultural identity
– any other loss
If we have experienced a ‘non traditional’ loss we may find that those around are less understanding of our grief, or that support is not at hand. If we have moved countries, transitioned from one role to another, retired, left a role we used to play but are now no longer needed to, this can all result in grief.
So what can we do?
Naming it for ourselves (‘I am grieving this loss’), expressing it, journalling about it, making up a story to express it, drawing about it, being immensely kind with ourselves, making space for emotions to come up, working with a therapist can all be powerful ways to support ourselves through this experience.

Here are some stories of grief.

Here are some great resources about grief and support that bereaved people may appreciate.

Below are some organisations that may offer support groups, training and reading materials.

More information:

The NALAG Centre for Loss and Grief 

More about this organisation: “The NALAG Centre for Loss and Grief is a not for profit organisation with Centres and Branches in Dubbo (Head Office), Mudgee, Mid North Coast, Bellingen/Nambucca Shires and Sydney (Telephone). At the NALAG Centre for Loss and Grief we provide FREE loss and grief support to those who are grieving.

The NALAG Centre provides quality professional education and training in the area of loss, grief and bereavement. Throughout the year, we schedule workshops and we are also available to conduct customised training upon request.

To promote awareness of loss and grief in the community, NALAG conducts events such as Grief Awareness Month, The Walk towards Hope for Suicide Prevention and the Remembering the Babies Ceremony. Our various Centres and Branches also hold community awareness events and education sessions.”

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

More about this organisation: “The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, as the largest provider of grief and bereavement education in Australia, works to build the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities in order to enhance wellbeing following adverse life events. The Centre is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Health as the statewide specialist bereavement service.”

Compassionate Friends Victoria

More about this organisation: “At The Compassionate Friends Victoria you will find the special understanding of those who have “been there”. There is no pressure to talk or not talk, cry or not cry, just a chance to be yourself, to have time-out. We offer a safe haven, a listening and understanding ear, a place where you can let down the mask, and if you wish, talk about your son or daughter, brother or sister who has died. We don’t promise a miracle cure, just comfort and the consolation and hope that broken threads can be picked up again.For more information and 24 hour support: Phone (03) 9888 4944, Country Victoria freecall 1800 641 091″

Source of the quote: here.

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