Tell someone!

My #geniustip for today is to tell someone they have inspired you or you love their work!!! Or tell others!

That might seem totally obvious but it’s been a recent revelation and a whole lot of fun for me.

The last two weeks I have consciously given myself permission to be a raving fan girl about all my favourite business peeps. It all started when I wrote a review about a service provider two minutes after our session finished. She made it look pretty and popped it online, and I felt a warm glow that not only had I enjoyed a great productive session I had helped another woman in business.

If I’m honest, I had been holding back from doing this before. “What if they think I’m just a fan and not a peer?”, “What if other people take my recommendations and go and work with them instead, will I be doing myself out of business?”, “What if people don’t take me seriously anymore if they know I need help and get help in certain parts of my business?” Or even, in my darkest moments, the green eyed monster of envy and scarcity with thoughts like “they’re already doing so well, why should I help them?”. But I’ve crossed that line, that fear line that was keeping me a bit resentful and quiet.

So now I am talking up all the women who have helped me whether through one on one services or even just a super helpful video or tutorial.

For example Natasha Berta has helped me figure out how Instagram works just this week, Claire Barton is a great help for getting organised, Julie Nelson is a whizz with personalised natural perfumes and is making me one! That’s just some of many. I will celebrate what they do and tell other people about them if I think they might be looking for what they offer. And even more importantly I’ll let them know that I appreciate what they do.

Here some tips on how you can do the same, in the spur of the moment:

💚 Reply to that blog post or newsletter you love with a short comment if it genuinely moved or inspired you

💚 Let someone know if they are on your wish list for working together

💚 Tell someone if their attitude, energy, know-how, kindness, consistency or other thing is inspiring you

💚 Suggest new offerings of someone you like working with doesn’t have exactly the thing you are looking for but you super want to work with them

💚 Tag biz people in posts when you tell others about their services (hint: write @ and then their facebook page name after that to ‘tag’ them on facebook).

And I don’t mean me! I mean anyone who is giving you a useful download of inspo or info that’s helping you stay afloat or row your boat!

Of course this applies to friends, family, neighbours just as much if not more.

Outside of a business setting and just as human beings, how many people are waking around not knowing that they light up the day for someone? How many people can’t see their own warmth, wisdom, generosity and need to be gently reminded that someone appreciates it?

💚 Send a thank you card to a friend

💚 Tell someone close to you the thing that amazes you most about them

💚 Tell a family member what you really appreciate about them

💚 Drop around a casserole or some flowers to someone having a rough time and tell them you care and that you believe in them

My coaching trainer and mentor Barbara Sher says “praise makes you brave”. I believe it. None of the hyper critical self-doubting narratives in my mind over the years have helped me become a better person – they keep me scared, hidden, or overinflated, running, chasing or miserable.

Genuine praise, speaking about the things you like most about someone (without slipping into hero worship, we need to know our own value too) is a generous free gift we give others.

We could all do with some encouragement
We sometimes can’t see ourselves clearly
We don’t always know how we’re shining

Tell someone!
Say what’s obvious!
Be free with your genuine admiration and encouragement.

Being free with our words of appreciation and encouragement is also great for us. I’ve found it’s an easy and free way to give myself a mood lift, and create a feeling of generous abundance. Even if you’re shy – I dare you!

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