‘But I’m not creative’

That’s what I hear sometimes when people hear about my art therapy groups.

Really? You don’t think you’re creative? Even better reason to come along and see that you are!

You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ or have ‘talent’ to work with an art therapist. Art therapy is a form of expression, a way to get the inside out, and a way to connect with the power of creativity, the deep life-force in us all.

The art therapist guides you, creates a safe space, provides an opportunity.

You step out, feel your way, see what emerges.

The art isn’t there to earn a gold star or a grade. You can’t fail.

It’s not being made to sell or impress.

It’s being made to express, to speak for you and to you.

Honestly. With rawness, and strangeness and mystery. With bluntness and humour and whimsy.

What you make might surprise you in how easily it speaks on your behalf.

Your creativity may have a different opinion on this whole situation you see. It might come out to play no matter what you say on its behalf.

Try it and see.