What is art therapy for?

When can art therapy help?

Art therapy can be used for:

  • gaining new perspective on all the things going on at a given time
  • expressing a mix of thoughts and emotions without the need for words
  • focusing on felt sensations in the body, including symptoms
  • acknowledging various aspects of ourselves and gently accepting and integrating them
  • accessing relaxed and focused states
  • expressing strong feelings in a safe space
  • visioning and imagining preferred futures
  • identifying symbols to remind us of what we would like to focus on
  • exploring issues of trust and boundaries, listening and turn taking
  • working with myth, symbol and story to find our strengths
  • releasing tension and accessing a state of deep relaxation
  • regaining a sense of control within our own lives
  • helping with accepting change or decision making
  • marking, grieving and celebrating transitions into new stages
  • making sense or connecting with spiritual experiences
  • finding a feeling of playfulness and creative fun
  • going ‘deeper’ to hear and learn from your wisest creative self