Start where you are

Yes! You are gloriously imperfect and your to-do list is several feet long.

Yes, there are cat hairs on your jumper and the washing needs putting away.

This is it. This is where it all starts.

This is the you that will take the next step.

Let your dream happen here, down here on earth where the wild things are. Here in the ordinary, here right now while the kettle boils.

This is the messy imperfect you that might send that email, pick up the phone, open that blogging account, enroll in a new course, write that first paragraph that later grows into a book.

Don’t wait for some fairy version of you with perfect hair and a clean desk, she might not come. Let gloriously grubby, disorganised, unsure, scaredy-cat you take the first unglamorous step, the ordinariness of it will shock you.

Dreams are made real with rubber bands and chewing gum; they are built up like some haphazard sculpture from assignments, bus rides, awkward phone calls, admin and little gestures.

Yes! This is it. You are doing it right.

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