Themes for journals!

Some people get a bit stuck when deciding on a theme to explore in their mixed media journal pages, or picking a theme for a themed letter journal swap.

Here are some themes that I have seen work well in our group Letter Journal Love, or just generally in my own or others’ pages.

Try one out and see how it goes!

  • horoscopes
  • celebrating the new year
  • tea and coffee
  • tea cups
  • colour theme – choose either a single colour plus black & white or a palette of say three colours
  • Summer / Autumn/ Winter/ Spring
  • black and white
  • flowers and birds
  • illustrated quote journals
  • retro
  • fashion
  • cats or dogs
  • pattern
  • paisley
  • portraits
  • figures
  • stamps and snail mail
  • song lyrics or music
  • maps
  • love
  • water
  • health and wellbeing
  • dream home
  • hand lettering

Here are some I haven’t seen but would like to try myself:

  • shadows
  • knitting
  • self care
  • grief and loss
  • dream for the future
  • favourite childhood toys
  • family holiday
  • heroes from history
  • books I’ve loved
  • movies
  • dance
  • tv shows
  • shoes
  • space
  • accessories
  • my first crush
  • summer fruits
  • my grandmother
  • my grandfather
  • handbag
  • favourite flowers
  • view from my window
  • my favourite herb and what I use it for
  • what’s in flower now
  • lunch today
  • my inner critics and what they say
  • celebrating my strengths
  • how I feel today
  • what’s in my handbag
  • favourite art materials

Any others you’ve used and found fun? Let me know and I’ll add to the list!