Listening to the tired body

As you would know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I have been working hard to notice when I am exhausted after a busy period, and to adjust my expectations and outputs during this time.

It is so important to rest our brains and nervous systems after a busy time.

It lets our energy recharge ready for the next period, and helps prevent burnout that can happen when we ignore our physical selves for long periods of time and push through regardless of how we feel.

It might sound simple to you, and if so I am super happy, because it means you have the hang of this already. For me it is still a work in progress.

What has helped is very simple: noticing when I’m tired and putting words to that.

Putting language to the feelings helps bring to it conscious awareness. I continue to practice noticing and then saying things like:

“oh, it’s been a really busy month with lots of deadlines and now I’m tired”, or

“gee that was a really busy holiday seeing lots of people and travelling around a lot. I probably am a bit exhausted and need some quiet time now that I’m home”, or

“hmmm, I guess I stayed up pretty late this week and didn’t quite get enough sleep, maybe my body wants a lazy day and early night tonight.”, or

“well my brain wants me to go out every night this week and see frie3nds but my body is telling me something different.”

Saying it helps create a story where I can understand and appreciate the fact that I’m tired, and give myself ‘permission’ to slow things down and reduce my expectations for a few days/ weeks.

Over time I hope this will become more rhythmic and automatic, and I will hear the voice of my body even when it speaks softly.

2 thoughts on “Listening to the tired body”

  1. This is a constant battle for me – I need to listen – I plan for quiet times after busy ones but – I need to have the conversation with my self 😘

    1. I know the feeling! Planning for recovery and rest time after busy periods is a great start.

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