Is your vision lopsided? Maybe it’s ok.

So I just wrote out a vision for my life this year – clear prose that talks about what I want, in the future tense as if I already have it. A vision board in words if you like. And I noticed something.

It was mostly about work, making art, my wardrobe, my house, homewares, and how things felt.

I red it over and panicked. Oh my gosh! Am I some awful shallow person? Am I focusing only on nice cushions and how things look, and heaven forbid – comfort??

Then I thought some more. Maybe I am just focusing on the bits I want to adjust.

There’s plenty going right in my life. In relationships, friendships, family, education and learning, health, connectedness. But there are some things annoying me in relation to my house, my wardrobe, and even the pattern and mix of my work-life.

So perhaps it’s natural to hone in on that and create a vision of how exactly I would like that. So I can create it!

If you have done a vision board and are worried it’s unbalanced, or your dreams for the future hinge on just one aspect of life, maybe rather than judging yourself harshly for this or worrying about it, you could see it as a sign that everything else is probably ticking along fine!

If you’re not sure what you want or feel like dreams are just something other people have, maybe you need a hand uncovering your wishes. Book a dream discovery session with me to develop your own personalised vision and vision board at the super special price of $120 for 90 minutes*.

Click through to my Contact pageand send me an email and I will send you a link to my calendar to book a time that suits.

*Only applies to bookings made during March and April 2017.  

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