Workshops for Women

Are you experiencing New Year’s slump? The holidays are almost over and you’ve hardly had time for yourself? Maybe you were hoping to feel recharged but you’re having a hard time letting go of the year that was. Perhaps there are still parts of you that still need attention but you want to do it in a way that’s fun, creative and nurturing.

Is ‘get more creative’ or ‘finally express myself creatively’ on your list of goals and aspirations for 2017? Still wondering how exactly you’ll bring that about?

I would love to invite you to join my wellbeing group I’ve created just for women.
Join me online on a 5 week journey with 5 women using art therapy methods to reflect, recharge and restore your faith in your own creative mojo.

  • We will step out of the competitive, other-focused, gold star seeking approach to art and reconnect with the creativity that is your birthright, reminding you that it can be your friend, your comfort and your joy.
  • We will practice making expressive art with personal symbols from our deepest selves, that we look at with curiosity and respect.
  • We will practice sharing with open hearts and helping our inner critic feel more safe so it can stop warning us away from creative expression.
  • We will take the tiniest steps and then large leaps – at a pace that feels very comfortable.

You don’t have to be anything other than exactly who you are to benefit from this group. You are brave enough, creative enough and if you can use Skype and Facebook you are tech savvy enough for this group.
If this is calling to to you trust that call.
We start next week – Tuesday 21st Feb at 1.00- 2.30 AEDT (Sydney time). The group will run for 5 consecutive weeks.
You get 5 (90 minute) live sessions with me in a small group setting, along with online group support between sessions. There will be handouts and resources as well as a special gift – yes by snail mail- at the end of the group.
Register and more details:…/womens-creative-wellbeing-group/

Participants will receive:

  • An art supply list (online) or actual art materials (face to face)
  • Live facilitated process done with a small group of other women
  • Meditations
  • Prompts for journaling
  • Unique creative art process you can use anytime
  • Guidance on how to use art making as a tool for your well-being and healing.

For more info and how to register for the LIVE ONLINE group (suitable for Australian and New zealand participants only due to time zones), please click here…/womens-creative-wellbeing-group/
For more info and how to register for the IN PERSON group here in the Inner West of Sydney, please click here

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