It’s the Little Things

I was working with a coaching client recently who wanted to do some regular writing for creative expression, and she reflected ‘I realise now how it’s so hard to do it alone, and really it’s the little things that make a big difference’.

The little things like where you will work, how long you will do it for, what ‘rules’ you’ll have for yourself, how flexible you will be, what motivates you, what success will look like.

I agree with her. When it’s our own dreams we can expect ourselves to jump from here to there with nothing in between. But figuring out those little things demystifies the process and helps build the bridge that we will follow to get there.

Every big grand dream is made up of tiny, detailed, boring, humble, prosaic, unglamorous steps.

The rock concert with lights and the rush of emotions and big hair and slick dancers is preceded by years of practice and hustling and lugging guitars and meetings and hoping and cursing. It is held together by roadies in dusty jeans, and gaffa tape, and cords and bottle of water and schedules and tour buses and passports and all the tiny details that help bring a dream to life.

A dream runs the risk of seeing like a job lot – we either have the lot of it, at once, right now, or we can’t get there at all. It feels like an all or nothing affair. We are impatient, and we would rather not work towards it but rather keep the wish holy and pristine and safe and hovering just out of reach in the ‘some day’.

You can’t skip the details.
You might not want to think about the details.
A good coach can help you bring the dream into the here and now and get you moving on taking small, safe, practical steps that get you on the path to where you want to go.

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