Growing ideas from flower to seed

A lot of clients I work with have great ideas but these ideas don’t come to life. Why is that?
Let’s talk the Birds and the bees – remember high school biology?

When a plant makes a flower it is putting all that gorgeousness out there ready to catch the pollen from another flower. It lays there open and colourful,hoping to attract a bee, a moth, a beetle or even just the wind to bring pollen from another flower over into its deepest recesses. When the pollen is absorbed into the centre of the flower the flower is pollinated. It then starts to grow its fruit.

The plant needs to nourish that tiny fruit with its seed nestled inside and have it grow and mature. When it’s mature the seed deep inside the fruit is fertile and ready to be planted and grow. Then something needs to pick up the fruit and take it somewhere that the seed can grow. This can be gravity, the wind, an animal munching on the fleshy outside of the seed and discarding the core…etc.

That moment of pollination is just the start. The formation of the idea is not the endpoint.

Our ideas are much like this.
– We need to be open to outside influences to receive that ‘aha’ which pollinates our idea.
– We need to hang onto the idea and not throw it out into the world too soon before we’ve had a chance to let it grow
– to nourish the idea we need water, light, air and that which nourishes us
– Eventually when it’s ripe we do need to let it go
– We need to find a way to move it from ourselves to fertile ground
– to get the idea into the world we need to make our idea appeal to a particular audience who will find it delicious, they will help carry it to fertile ground
– and then we need to get on with growing the next flower
Just like a plant, not every flower needs to be pollinated, not every infant seed needs to be matured and planted.

But isn’t it enough just to have the ideas?
Yes, having ideas is beautiful. It feels good.
Or rather it can. If you are happily producing ideas and they are entertaining you keep going!
If you worry about losing them, write them down.
But if your ideas feel like possibility that you aren’t bringing into the world and that makes you sad – sad for your lost opportunities, worried that maybe you will never do what you love or take a chance on creating something – then maybe your idea’s want to be nourished and sent out into the world in mature form.

Meanwhile the plants also contribute to lush fertile soil that seeds grow well in (by dropping their leaves, by supporting tiny bacteria underground, by doing fancy things with water). Not just for their seed, but all around them.

Is there a stage of idea making that you find challenging? Do you tend to drop your ideas before they are mature and have a vehicle out into the world?

How are you making the world a safer place for other people’s ideas? How could you create a nutrient rich space for growth whether it be your idea or another’s?


Get moving on your ideas in 2017: If you would like help to get unstuck and get your ideas out there I am your girl! With 15 years project management experience – dreaming up projects and helping bring them to life with community groups and partner organisations locally and around the world – I thoroughly understand what it takes to make ideas ‘stick’ and grow. On top of that I have personal experience of bringing my own creative work into the world, baby step by baby step. I GET how close to our hearts our dreams are and how hard it can be to move forward on our own ‘stuff’ – the most precious but sometimes last on our lists stuff – even if we are capable and smart and competent in other areas of our life.

I love to work right along side you as a mentor, guide and sometimes even team member on your project. I will be your cheer squad, brainstorm partner, strategy whizz, accountability boss, and ally as you face the brave and courageous work of saying your dream out loud and moving towards it.  Don’t go it alone, when help is available. My coaching packages are HERE. Drop me a line today to get started or ask questions HERE.

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