What is your relationship with your creativity?

piggybackIs creativity a long lost friend you forget to ring until the day is over and you’re laying in bed and you think ‘tomorrow!’ with a pang of guilt?

Is creativity an acquaintance that you suspect doesn’t really like you much?

Is creativity an old lover you were once close to but now feel embarrassed to be around because you think they might not like you much anymore?

Is creativity like your best friend in childhood who you could play with every day and then cry and wheedle when the adults arrived to take them home because you weren’t done yet?

Is creativity a dirty little secret – someone you see briefly for a rush of passion but try not to remember when you’re back in ‘normal life’?

Is creativity the one you’ve seen in the distance across the room and feel a deep connection with but you’re too shy to go up and say hello?

Are you catch-up-only-sometimes-but-over-hours-of-delicious-chat-and-a-bottle-of-wine friends?

Is creativity a bit like a mythical creature – you’ve heard it talked about but never seen it up close with your own eyes?

Is creativity a dear friend you chat with weekly or daily?

Tell us below what your relationship is with your creativity at the moment!

If you want to make better friends with your creativity come along to my monthly Mixed Media Masterclasses in 2017, or consider joining my Women’s Creative wellbeing Group (face to face or online) in January.

2 thoughts on “What is your relationship with your creativity?”

  1. I related to this post right from the very first sentence. Creativity for me is just like a friend I forgot to ring. I know my creativity is there, it exists, I just put off communicating with it. And I guess the worst of it is the guilt. I know I can and should do better, its just hard sometimes.
    For this next year, I’m going to make time for my creativity. I’m going to schedule it in, and make it a priority.

    1. I understand the feeling and wish you all the best for making more space in 2017. Maybe it would help to imagine that Creativity is the kindest and most patient friend ever – who is always welcoming and never guilt-trips you for not calling 🙂 It is also happy with tiny little catch ups and wont be offended if you catch up while watching tv or on the bus or while the kettle boils.

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