Don’t wanna

It’s the end of the year and I don’t wanna!

I don’t wanna write the things I have too. I don’t wanna do my filing.

I don’t wanna pack my suitcase.

I don’t wanna wrap any more presents right now and find the freaking sticky tape AGAIN.

I dont wanna hear about other people’s end of year stresses and stressors.

I certainly don’t wanna deal with shopping centres where everyone else is annoying except me.

I don’t want to plan one more festive dish.

I don’t want to be alert and enthusiastic, I want to watch nordic noir over endless cups of tea and have my toes painted and dip them into the ocean.

I want long slow nothing to do summers.

I want go away and leave me to my paints afternoons.

I want quiet and slow and no deadlines.

I want social media to all go away just a little bit.

I want companionable afternoons working in the garden.

I want love and joy and peace on earth, and mince pies.

I wanna pop out in 2017 feeling refreshed and energised after Christmas elves have cleaned my desk.

Anyone else having waves of ‘don’t wanna’ as the year comes to an end?

On a more serious note:

For me a bit of a cry, foot stamp and some nice time with loved ones helped me find my mojo again after a stressful day. Mine is just a case of the ‘tireds’ and I am lucky enough to have time off on the horizon. I have a daily art practice and connection with some great creative communities to also keep me grounded. It reminds me to take some time out for self care in amongst the busy.

But…this can be a tough time of year for all of us, with extra expectations, costs, deadlines and social commitments.  Please consider speaking with a friend, your GP, a therapist, or a free counselling service to chat things over if you need someone to talk to. You are not alone, someone has been through or felt what you are feeling before – probably more of us than you think. Talking helps us feel less alone and feel more accepted.

Crisis support in Australia


Kids helpline 


Information and resources

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute

Christmas related events and services:

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