Making things: gift tags

As an art therapist and coach self-care is really important to my business, and to my overall wellbeing. When you work with people and need to keep an open heart and open ears…focusing on what they are saying in words and what they are expressing in images and gesture… it’s important to be well rested and grounded.

Making art is one way I look after my own wellbeing. And when I say art, yes sometimes I mean painting or sketching, and sometimes I mean doodling or making collage, or sometimes animation, sewing, or other forms of creative expression like baking and tending a garden.

Here are some very simple little gift tags I did while watching tv on Sunday evening. I made the rookie error of trying to watch subtitles at the same time as drawing – never a good idea! Nonetheless I like these wonky little characters that came out, and will use them on gifts or in the post as mail art/ happy mail.

Materials: Brown kraft cardboard tags pre made from a craft shop (or make your own by cutting up cardboard and using a hole punch), paint pen and black sharpie.

Tip for getting started: Try making a wonky and uneven background in one colour, and then drawing over the top so your images are partly on the background and partly on the bare cardboard. Rather than a flat tipped paint pen like I have used you could also use a kitchen sponge cut into a small square and some acrylic paint to make your backgrounds. Dampen the sponge in water, squeeze it out well, dip the sponge in paint and then stamp the sponge onto the tag to create a squarish block of colour. OR keep the sponge quite dry with only a bit of paint on it and pat or smear it onto the tag for nice texture. Let it dry PROPERLY (it will take longer than you hope, so find something else to go do while you wait) before drawing on top.

Hoping you also find the time for some little slice of creative expression in these busy weeks at this time of the year.

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