Creative project – Amanda Candy on getting on with it and the fine art of collaboration

Amanda Candy is a coach who recently designed and made her own ‘oracle cards’ including collaborating with an artist to get images created, and liaising with printers to get them produced. Today I talk with her to find out what inspired her to do the project, whether she had to overcome self-doubt to get it done, and what she suggests to anyone else trying to get their project off the ground.

This is part of a series of interviews I’m doing about people going after their dreams, and making creative projects happen. And when I say ‘creative project’ I don’t mean just things related to the arts – but anything that is about bringing something fresh into the world, creating something that wasn’t there before and drawing on your own creative energy to make it happen.

What is the difference between people who get behind their ideas and make them happen and those who are swimming in ideas but never get moving on them?

What can we learn from others who have backed their ideas with action?

I want you dear reader to be able to glean any gems from their experience that might help you with your own creative projects. I’ll even share stories about a couple of my own creative projects, and some of the learning I’ve done myself along the way. So let’s get started! 

Amanda Candy is a coach who recently designed and made her own ‘oracle cards’ including collaborating with an artist to get images created, and liaising with printers to get them produced. Today I talk with her to find out what inspired her to do the project, whether she had to overcome self-doubt to get it done, and what she suggests to anyone else trying to get their project off the ground.

I know you are a life coach who specialises in working with women who find themselves empty nesters, so how did you find yourself creating a pack of oracle cards?

I’ve been using oracle cards for many years now and have trained with Doreen Virtue and Sonia Choquette becoming a certified Angel intuitive and Six Sensory practitioner which helped to deepen my connection with cards and myself. The first time I ever read cards fro someone else was about 10 years ago I walked past a shop that was holding a card reading workshop, and it was starting just then, and I just went in there and did it. That was the start of getting to know my intuition and realizing I’d been doing it all my life.

The reason I created the Inside Out Oracle card deck was that a year ago I was heading away travelling for six months with just a backpack and could not decide which deck to take with me so I thought I’d create my own and take them along on the journey.

Do you have a history of using oracle cards with your clients? How do you use cards for yourself in daily life?

Cards have been an integral part of my professional and personal life. When I work with a client I tune into them prior to our session using a tool known as automatic writing. This allows me to cut straight through to what the client needs to work on and then I use the cards to validate the information I have receive and to fill in the things I may have missed.

I use that as a way to leap in and get to the core issues with clients, as a way to work through, for us to get beneath or below the surface appearance of what is going on for them. We then explore it together.

When using the cards for myself I ask them to guide me and give me action steps to help me to move forward. Sometimes I use the layouts that I designed for the pack, sometimes I just intuitively pick out the number of cards I feel that I need. Then I do some automatic writing afterwards to tune into the deeper meaning for myself.

I know this project was a ‘passion project’ – in that the whim took you and you ran with it because it felt so ‘right’ – even though you didn’t know much about graphic design or getting products made. What gave you the confidence to step up and follow this project through?

I’ve always been someone who once I come up with an idea I run with it. It’s something I like to help my clients to do as well. “Go for it” is one of my mottos. Knowing I didn’t have all the skills required to make them didn’t put me off as I knew in my heart that they would come to fruition. I had that inside feeling we often get – that inner knowing. I trusted that I’d be connected with the right people to help me and when I met Emma Veiga-Malta the artist at a networking event she had no idea about Oracle cards but I really liked her and I wanted to work with her we clicked. I hadn’t actually even seen her artwork when I started talking to her about collaborating – I just knew I liked her and felt drawn to working together. And that was fabulous because once I did see her artwork I knew it would be perfect for this project. Once I shared my vision with her she instantly saw what I was aiming for adding in her own special interpretation to my ideas.

Did you have any doubts?

I am not an attention to detail lady, I am a big picture lady. I was lucky that Emma was such a detail focused person, she would say ‘we’re going to have a timeline, we’re going to have a deadline’ and I would say ‘great’. That just pulled me into action, and the fact that I collaborated, I knew and I know that on my own I could have never have achieved this. I had to bring in other people. And that’s what added to the experience and made it more joyous for me.

There was never any fear – just an inner knowing that these just needed to come to birth.

I had an idea, I had a vision, I had a lot of thoughts. If you involve somebody else, what I’ve learnt is also to allow them to also have their own vision of your project. If you explain it well enough they’ll usually have ideas you haven’t even thought of. And to be open and willing to accept that. Not to be so rigid and stuck. If I had been rigid and stuck about some of the pictures that I particularly wanted I think the end result would have been completely different. I think just having that flexibility and allowing the process to flow and be more fluid is really important; trusting the outcome.

How has following your intuition and making these cards shifted things for you in your business?

Making these cards has given me a new dimension for my business as an added tool that I can offer my clients as something they can use for themselves which empowers them to find the answers within. I’m all about self-empowerment and the cards teach that.

What advice would you give someone else who feels drawn to creating something even if they have doubts and aren’t sure what place it might take in their life?

One main thing I’d recommend is patience. I think I’m someone who wants something to happen immediately. You have this idea and you want it out there tomorrow. I think with any creative endeavor a key thing is to have patience, because it isn’t going top happen overnight. If you force the process and you push it, the end outcome isn’t as fluid and eloquent as it could be. I think you need to be less focused on the end point, timewise (unless there is some fixed deadline), because this is an ongoing journey. With this project, for example, from beginning to end this project will probably take about a year. In October 2015 I first came up with the idea, then I got them printed February 2016, spent the next six months doing readings and selling cards to people I met on my travels, and now, back home in October 2016 I’m looking at printing options for my second run of cards, refining them, and using what I’ve learnt from working with them to design workshops to help people use them for their own personal use or with their own clients.

I think that there are times in your life where you just have to let down any blocks that you have and you take an opportunity and you run with it. Especially if it calls out to you loudly or consistently. We often may not have the ‘how’ we are going to do things but if you have a clear ‘why’ and enough belief that you can do it then get on with it and take the first step. The rest will come.

I’ve used this philosophy when I opened up my accommodation business, walked 800km across Spain and cycled 2,500km through France. You have two choices. ‘give up’ or ‘get on with it’.



About the interviewee: Amanda Candy is an intuitive leader and Certified Life Coach who supports women between the age of 45-55 through times of life transition such as empty nest, to feel confident in making decisions that are right for them rather than pleasing everybody else. A certified Angel Intuitive with world renowned Doreen Virtue, Amanda has also trained as a Six Sensory Practitioner with Sonia Choquette, studied Mediumship through Arthur Findlay College with Tony Stockwell and helped present Hay house events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with facilitators such as Brian Weiss, Robert Holden, Neil Donald Walsh, Lisa Williams. Read more here.

JadephotoAbout the interviewer: Jade Herriman, BSc, MSocSci, DipTAT is a Sydney-based transpersonal art therapist, Barbara Sher coach and facilitator. She works with clients to help bring more creativity into their lives, manage big life change and go after their dreams. She works with groups, individuals and online to deliver workshops and help support people work towards their dreams. She is pleased to be presenting a full program of art therapy, creativity and coaching workshops in 2017 including a series of Women’s Wellbeing groups, monthly mixed media art workshops, and coaching programs for people who want to kickstart their creative project. She brings a playful, flexible and creative approach to serious issues, and draws on many years of experience working in organisations in project management, policy and research roles to bring practical solutions to her clients.

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