Positive impact

We live in a world that values the BIG. Big impacts, big programs, big numbers, big change.

Today I want to celebrate the positive impact we can have by just being ourselves, gloriously, messily, unashamedly ourselves. The small impact. The tiny butterfly wing of change.

I read somewhere that for each person who reads our blog and leaves a common, another 3 or 4 or 5 or however many have probably also read it and been inspired by it or found it thought provoking. It’s easy to discount these little ripples.

Each time we show up and the person who has not yet found their voice is inspired to do so too.
Each time we own all our parts and someone still struggling to feel OK with their shadow feels a small opening up of their heart.
Each time we make friends with our creativity and model that it is safe and enjoyable to write, or make art, or to sing or to create great projects we pave the way for someone else too step more fully into themselves.
Each time we make an inclusive space and connect people at work, in our communities, or online and we unknowingly help combat loneliness and disconnection.
Each time we talk without shame about our limiting or critical inner voice, or perfectionism, or about self-doubt, or the ups and downs of our jobs, or family life, or being human and we help make this space safe for others.
Each time we talk with respect and pragmatism about recovery from mental health challenges, or burnout, or childhood neglect or abuse, or some other experience that is often hidden and considered shameful, and another person moves one tiny step closer to accepting themselves more fully and wholly.

Every time any of this happens we have made a positive impact.

So today I want to celebrate the positive impact I don’t even know that I’m having. The small ripples, often unspoken. And the positive impact that you are having like that too.

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