Living in line with our values

Are we living in the way we say we intend to?

Looking at our values and seeing whether we are living them helps reflect back whether our day to day choices are anchored in our deepest life meaning and pursuits.

If compassion is our highest value, where is it showing up, and where is it not? What is the growing edge for us in applying it?

If integrity is our highest value, and we find ourselves stretching the truth or acting differently behind closed doors to how we present in public, is this an area we need to look more deeply at?

If kindness is a core value but we find ourselves so exhausted and running on empty that we snap at those around us, what does that say about our ability to be kind to ourselves?

If we value expression but find ourselves holding back from speaking up, we might wonder about what we fear and what silences us.

For me, learning, creativity and zest are my highest ‘values in action’ – the things I both care about and like to frequently apply. Life feels better for me when I’m learning, when I am making things and expressing myself and when I can act with enthusiasm and spontaneity.

But lately, with world events and even in my personal sphere, I’ve been thinking about some of my other values of kindness, care, and taking responsibility.

There are things I care about but don’t always act on in the ways I would like.

There are ways I’d like to see myself, but my actions speak differently.

I notice, I reflect and ask the questions, and hopefully then I course-correct. Towards kindness, towards compassion, towards outspokenness when needed, towards taking responsibility for our shared problems, towards my vision for the future.

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