Creative prompts – ideas for your next blog post

Blogging is one area where many of us can get stuck for ideas, I see this especially with busy small business owners, therapists and yes, even coaches that I work with!

Sometimes they are wanting to begin writing regular blog posts, and I work with them to develop a plan that is tailored to their key messages, their personal style and their audience, as well as identifying and overcoming their personal barriers. Having a plan and structure for your writing can definitely help, but sometimes all you need is a fresh idea to get you writing again and sharing something useful for your readers.

Here are 10 quick tips to kickstart your practice if you get stuck.

Prompts for blog posts if you are feeling stuck:
1. Have you created a ‘why I do what I do’ post?
2. Have you shared a turning point story about you? When you first discovered X or began Y?
3. What was the last tip you emphatically told a client, novice or friend? Could this be shared more widely in a post?
4. What was your biggest personal ‘aha’ from the last great counsellor / therapist / healer/ / trainer / coach you worked with that might be relevant to your audience?
5. Is there something beautiful that inspires you? A place or product or sound or colour? Is there some way to share this with your tribe?
6. Can you interview someone who has similar values to those you blog about?
7. Is it time for a list?? 10 ways to solve problem X? 7 of the best ways to begin regularly doing Y?
8. Can you share your go to resources that are relevant to your readers: e.g. best apps for bloggers, fave self help books, best websites to learn from, go to authors for inspiration…
9. Morning routines or efficiency hacks – everyone loves them! We are all nosy and infinitely fascinated by the minutae of how people arrange their day and productivity. Want to share yours?
10. Why do you do what you do? Share the founding principles or core beliefs or professional practices that you ALWAYS seek to embody, or never leave home without. Not only does this help someone starting out in your field but it helps your readers connect with your work and what drives you.

Remember to mix up using words, pictures and video too, as different people have different attention spans and preferred way to receive info.

Good luck!
Have fun!



Work with me

And if writing is a project you’d like to kickstart, get in touch! If you’d like someone to help you create a tailored plan for your blog/ book/ essay/ written application please do get in touch. Using my ‘kickstart your project’ coaching package I can help you whether it is for your business/ side hustle or great hobby /passion. I’d be happy to lead you through a clear process to help you identify your key messages, core themes and preferred voice; and by the end of our sessions have you set up with a plan, clear next steps and support structure in place.

5 thoughts on “Creative prompts – ideas for your next blog post”

  1. GREAT list, Jade! I’ll now be working my way through numbers 1-10. Thanks for the reminder!

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