What to do in a letter journal drought…

The mail box is empty AGAIN!!

Where are all those letter journals (or other snail mail art swaps) you are waiting for? And more importantly how are you going to get your art on without them??

Here are 10 easy peasy ways to keep yourself arting through the drought:

  1. Decorate envelopes – paint, stamp, meticulously doodle
  2. Practice your hand lettering by drawing the words from a different can or condiment in your cup board evey day (keep them and you can stick them in journals later)
  3. Draw flowers on old envelopes and cut them out ready to stick into letter journals
  4. Go through your online photos and haul ass to a print shop and get some printed to cut up and use in your journals
  5. Hand carve some stamps and go buy a fresh ink pad in a fun colour ready to stamp up a storm
  6. Make painted papers and then cut them up into shapes and doodle over top in white pen
  7. Practice drawing something from around the house – a lemon, a tea cup, a leaf… And you’ll be ready to play with some more drawing in your next journal
  8. Go find an artist from history you don’t know much about and read all about them, figure out what materials they used, what colours they preferred, do a sketch of one of their works, imagine how you can take that inspiration into your next journal page
  9. Cut out single words from magazines and newspapers and make some poems or random phrases to stick in to the next journal with as higgeldy piggeldy fonts as you can
  10. Find someone else who needs entertaining or cheering up, maybe someone younger or older than you and make some art with them

and as as soon as you start any of the above and get really into it you will probably be greeted with a deluge of letter journal love!

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