And right now in the middle there is silence

I want to share a moment with you.

That moment when, in the middle of a group art therapy session, everything goes quiet.

It’s a special kind of silence.

Not a hushed reverent silence.

Not an awkward silence of a mismatched dinner party.

Not a lazy bored or angry silence.

But deep down and busy silence. It’s each participant engrossed in their own process. Busy as bees testing, trying, expressing. Calm. In flow. No where else to go. No rush or stumble. Almost no awareness of the room outside the ends of their arms.

I love this silence because it is so easy to be around people when they are in this special place. There is a hum. A silent hum.

We are all of us comfortably together and happily seperate in this deep quiet middle time. People come out of it with an artwork and with story and with thoughts. It’s like a diver coming back to surface with sea treasures dangling in hand wet and glistening.

This is part of what my first year in business has been about: witnessing, observing, orchestrating and enjoying.