First year of business – I can do it for you but not for me

Its my one year bizversary!! One year this month since I said goodbye to my full-time day job and made the leap into self-employment. Oh boy has it been a wild ride! To celebrate I have a bunch of coaching and art therapy offers at very cheerful sale prices, AND I have a blog post a DAY to share with you for the next week, about my experiences of the first year of business. So if you are running your own biz, as a side hustle or full time thang, or thinking of making the leap, just know that you are not alone!

One of the things I learnt in my first year of business was this – I can do it for you but not for me.

It hit me just after I’d helped a client develop a kick ass sales page for their new niche business offering – a side hustle within their own business as it were. I was well chuffed with myself. This was a thing of beauty. And the process had been fast and fabulous. While we were working together on it I felt alive, unselfconscious, completely without doubt and fear, hitting my stride with ideas and trouble shooting and frankly fabulous ideas. Yes. All that.

And when it was almost done I had this sudden, thwacked upside the head moment of awareness… Where was my kick ass sales page for all my niche product ideas that I had swirling around my head?? I’ll tell you – nowhere, that’s where.

Because for myself I had waaaaay too many reasons for why that was too hard.

Like I didn’t know which one to start with. Like would anyone actually buy it? Like maybe I needed to be an expert on copy first. Like maybe doing it on my website wasn’t good enough and I should learn how to use lead pages or some other fancy thing. And so many more reasons.

But when she wanted to start selling this new service I was lightening quick sure of how she could do it quickly, now, with the least amount of fuss and biggest return. I saw the sales page very clearly as a means to an end. I knew she didn’t want to muse on it for months and make it a scary huge project that would haunt her – she just wanted a quick, decisive shift that would open new doors for her business – before she got scared and ran away from the idea. So I shared everything I knew and rolled up my sleeves to get busy helping her. I was mega confident that she would get clients and they would love this clear, clean, informative page.

But afterwards, like I said, the realisation. I started looking at the other clients I was working with – someone writing their book, someone developing an awesome website for their well articulated offers, someone reviewing their business and trying  to work out what impact they are making in the world, someone about to start another creative project…and realised that none of these things are things I could get done by myself even though I was doing a pretty great job of helping them do it.

Because I can be wholly confident for you and still be swamped with self doubt when I act for myself. Because when we work by ourselves on our own dreams….our passions sit very close to all the reasons we think we aren’t capable of pursuing those passions. Our inner critic, perfectionist, the fearful self can swamp us with feelings and stories about why it’s all impossible – and we tend to believe them.

When we work with someone else they can offer us their sense of possibility and confidence in our skills. They believe in us when we can’t. They demystify things that seem big and scary and tell us we are not stupid for being scared of them. They show us ways they navigate the same territory. And maybe they’ve done those things themselves and make it seem more ‘real’ and possible.

Left to our own devices things can slow right down in avoidance and our energy can feel flat and defeated and overwhelmed before we even start. With another person who I is genuinely excited about seeing us succeed we can find that seed of confidence and enthusiasm in ourselves – our every increases, we feel more hopeful and inspired. Creative magic happens! We cut to the chase and do just the important bits. We drop all the excuses and just step along the path.

And that’s why I also work with a coach.

(Ha! Who am I kidding? I work with a coach, a mentor AND a success team, in tandem year round… it takes a village to raise a child and about the same to raise an infant business I think).

One thought on “First year of business – I can do it for you but not for me”

  1. I am loving your posts Jade about your baby and I agree with all you have said. Why do we shortcut ourselves? Good on you for having the support team around you.
    Louise Kirby

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