First year of business – 10 ways being a first time business owner is like being a first time parent*

Its my one year bizversary!! One year this month since I said goodbye to my full-time day job and made the leap into self-employment. Oh boy has it been a wild ride! To celebrate I have a bunch of coaching and art therapy offers at cwaaaaazy sale prices, AND I have a blog post a DAY for the next week, about my experiences of the first year of business. So if you are running your own biz, as a side hustle or full time thang, or thinking of making the leap, you might like to check them out.

1. Some days you can’t believe your audacity and courage for taking on this hurculean task and entering into this brand new landscape – everything is different now you have your (biz) baby. It feels like there are lots of big decisions to make every step of the way – that you’ve never had to make before.

2. You are a little obsessed and it *may* be all you want to talk about for the first 12 months. ALL the bits fascinate you. Even the bits you don’t like. You can spend hours talking about the poo and comparing the pooey bits and gorgeous parts where you get a smile and happy reinforcement.

3. You feel aggrieved that the world should expect you to do anything in addition to this. Dishes? Dinner? Remembering people’s names? Just leave me the hell alone to do this mega absorbing and important thing.

4. You compare yourself to growth milestones and hope your business/baby is on track.

5. It wakes you up at night and a chunk of your mind is usually occupied with it even when you’re out doing something unrelated.

6. Growth happens, and you can barely believe that things have changed so fast, even though at the time it was going unbearably slow.

7. You realise you have to accept your imperfections and get on with what’s needed from you despite your many mistakes and bad moods and frustrations and unknowns.

8. The images on Facebook looked strangely alluring but you discover there is a lot more sh*t and crying than you had anticipated.

9. You suddenly notice people in your situation everywhere. You want to connect with them, hungrily seek their company because they are in the same reality you are. You suddenly realise all the people who have been here before and marvel at how well they did. You have newfound empathy for all the people who’ve done this before you. You realise you had no idea what was involved.

10. There is absolute joy and wonder in seeing something brand new enter the world, and seeing how it enriches your life, challenges you and expands you as a human being.

*I imagine! I’m not a parent so really I’m guessing basing this on reading and conversations I’ve had with new parents over the years.