10 Books in 2016 challenge!

Calling all book lovers…
Anyone want a reading challenge? How about 10 books in 2016! Yes, I’m aware that 2016 is (more than) half over, but surely we can squeeze out 10 books between now and end of December, even if we haven’t started any so far????

(Think of this as the very late New Year’s resolution for those of us who were busy and distracted at the start of the year but want to cram now and not feel bad come December 🙂 )

This is your happy invitation to dive right into some of those creativity books you haven’t read yet, or maybe the self-help pile, the art therapy texts, the Barbara Sher books, the illustrated gardening books, the crime fiction or the graphic novels (or is that just me?? LOL).

Yes audio books count! Yes half finished books count (as half a book!). Yes even re-reading counts!

Who wants to join me?

And we can report back on our progress as the year unfolds.

Reading is one of my great pleasures, and helps me refill my creative well, as well as stay up to date in my professional fields. And articles are GREAT, and books are something else again.

And if you manage to read more than 10 – awesome! And if you read less – also awesome! Reading some, and trying totally counts.

So launching the not very elegant but as far as I can tell not yet taken hashtag of:

Let me know below if you’ll join me 🙂


And please excuse the extreme overabundance of blog posts this week – I had a little tech glitch which made me post two in a row. This one however is just down to sheer excitement.

What kind of books?

Completely up to you!

  • Any genre
  • Any authors
  • Books in any language
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Audiobooks are fine
  • Work related or non work related books are fine
  • Short books are fine
  • Short story or poetry anthologies are fine
  • Illustrated books, ‘coffee table books’ and graphic novels are fine
  • Rereading old favourites is fine
  • Finishing half started books is fine

How to join?

This is free, and just for fun, and to help us all reach our reading goals and feel good about what we’ve read for 2016.

To join please comment below AND either sign up to my blog or my mailing list. I wont over email you I promise (as evidenced by my zero newsletters so far!!). This way I can give a few prompts along the way to encourage us all. Then.. just get reading! And anywhere you want to share a photo of the book you are reading or a cool quote from the book you are reading, or an update on how you are going against your goal just use the hashtag #10books2016

UPDATE: I have created a new facebook group for members of the challenge! Come over and join us here: https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/1183969815002504


Viva le bookish folk!