Everyone struggles sometimes

You might not see it, they might not speak it but they do.

Don’t be fooled by the white toothed images of advertising or the chirpy baby photos and cat videos of social media. Everyone struggled sometimes.
Everyone has days of blah, or ‘I’m not good enough, or ‘what am I here for, nothing makes sense’.

We do.

And sometimes those days remind us of forgotten parts of ourselves that cry out for recognition and are waiting to be given form.

Sometimes those those days tell us we have reached our limits (physically, emotionally, socially) and need some quiet time to regroup.

Sometimes those days remind us that we have forgotten to include joy in our days and we have oriented ourselves towards trudge and ‘must do’ and ‘should’ and to do lists and forgotten to laugh and sing and cry and dance as well.

Sometimes those days help us catch sight of our inner workings, like a reflection in a store window we are walking past, and we see that our inner messages on automatic loop have been quite harsh, hopeless or demorialising. We stop and gasp, and wonder quietlyif we can replace them.

So if you are struggling, just know that everyone struggles sometimes. It doesn’t make you a freak or a loser or somehow not good at life. We’ve been there. My clients have been there. I’ve been there too, and I will no doubt be there again.

So rather than say ‘what’s wrong with me?? Why can’t I get my shit together? I should be happy/ more efficient /more successful/ more organised/ more productive. Why does everything feel so hard right now?’ Feel free to say “I am struggling right now.”. I am struggling right now and I need my own love and kindness as I work my way through it.

And here’s to the kindness of the people in our lives: who encourage us, who ask after us with interest, who share ideas with us, who support us in practical ways, who mirror back our strengths when we can’t remember what they are. Here’s to our friends and support teams, our fellow group members, our therapists and coaches, our clients, our tribes and our mentors who make space for us to feel ALL our feelings, and accept us when we are angry, sad, lonely and confused just as much as when we are happy and productive.

4 thoughts on “Everyone struggles sometimes”

  1. As a society, we need to be open to helping people when this happens. We see strong people we admire doing wonderful work then when they need us most we feel – oh you’ll be ok…buck up…
    We don’t know how to help. Sometimes we feel inferior or inadequate to help this person we’ve known so long to be highly capable.
    Sometimes though, its simply a matter of ‘being’ there..existing in the same space. Quiet companionship. In our tech filled day, a real phone call might be the most and best ‘human’ thing to do.

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