Get started and it will give you energy

Sometimes the size of the project is overwhelming. You want to write a novel, master a new language, or get into the archibalds, or have a successful practice as a naturopath, or be a renowned public speaker, or be a kick ass guitarist/ hat maker/ cake decorator. You WANT it.

You want it NOW.

You can FEEL it – this huge insurmountable Everest sitting in the corner of your living room waiting for you to scale it. And it’s just so darned high. And cold. And hard to breathe up there.

So you do what any sane and rational person would do – you avoid the shit out of it.

Yes it haunts you but you know that you are not ready for a climb like that so you try your hardest not to look at it, you skirt around it, you create something very absorbing to do right here on the plains away from that daunting peak.

And it makes you feel both safe and sick. You feel sick at yourself for not doing it – and probably call yourself names in the middle of the night when no-one is around to hear. You feel sick with longing. You feel sick with grief, a tiny little leaking grief that infuses everyday.

But it doesn’t have to be like this, and I’ll tell you why.

You don’t have to scale the peak. Not yet.

To start with you need to buy a map.

And some gear.

And read about other people who have done it.

And maybe try walking to the end of the block.

And get a trainer.

And next month maybe climb that tiny incline in the woods.

You get the picture.

Each time we take a little step towards our dream, not only do we probably feel immensely proud of ourselves, but we get a little dose of energy. Call it relief, call it enthusiasm, I believe our dream trusts us a little more each time we take it seriously and tend to it.

Getting started with the smallest step, taking some action towards something you really care about makes the next step easier too.

Sure as you start climbing there will be times when you realise the steps at the base were a doddle, that only NOW are you facing real challenges, as you doubt yourself and your spirit grows weary, but they are not your concern for now.

For now you need to get started.

4 thoughts on “Get started and it will give you energy”

    1. Thanks so much Sally! Maybe the destination is clearer to see once we get moving. Glad you are enjoying getting started and continuing!

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