Tips for creative living – flip your technique!

If you are feeling stuck or stale in your creative expression, try flipping your technique.
So let’s say for visual art:
If collage is your go to technique… try drawing.
If drawing is your go to… try painting.
If you always use stamps… try printing with found objects instead.
If you always use stickers… try found word poetry.
If you like using patterned paper… try drawing your own.

If you always use acrylic… try out watercolour.
If you always use watercolour… try gouache.
If you always work 2D… try sculpture.
If you are a paper person… try textiles.
If you always do abstract… try creating a scene in a room or landscape.
If you always do faces… try doing hands.

If you always use magazine images in collage… try using your own photos printed out.
If you have never drawn a face… try one.
If you always do soft and pretty… try big and bold.
If big and bold is your go to… try subtle and soft.
If you always do bright… try working in black and white.
Why? Just for fun. Just to stretch. Just to see how something new feels. If you want to!
Have you flipped your technique recently?

2 thoughts on “Tips for creative living – flip your technique!”

  1. I usually use lots of colour. But have been thinking of doing some monochromes lately 🙂 Also, I usually don’t use brown, but I’m working out a design based on a coffee bean, so I think brown it will be.

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